In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 56


Bella’s POV

“Today marks 3 years that’s she’s gone now.” I heard that familiar voice said near me.

Standing upright to look for the person who owns that same voice.

Unknown to me that someone was actually standing in front of me, I bumped my head into the person making both of us give this sound of pain.

That same tone came out of her mouth making me forget the pain coming from my head.

“You….” I said surprised and shocked while pointing at her.

“Good afternoon ma’am.” She greeted bowing making me realize that am a new form and shape of someone else.

Goodness, damn this stupid brain of mine. I thought face palming myself internally.

“I can’t believe such a person like you could know me, can I get a autograph? “She asked getting all excited.

Common girl friend, it’s me Alicia don’t be like this. I screamed loudly in my mind.

Only if I could scream it out for her to hear, I thought staring at my friend getting excited because of my autograph.

“Who wouldn’t know the famous Reporter?” I asked and she smiled giving me her identity card to sign on it.

” Mom am hungry.” Desmond said making me drop my eyes down to his level.

“Mom is coming, don’t be at rush.” I said before signing the autograph.

“Wow, your son looks like Kyle Adams in New York City. I mean that famous, single and devilish business man in New York City. “She said.

My mind quickly went to him as she said those words.

“My dad isn’t devilish, mom tell her.” Desmond said giving my friend a dirty eye.

” That’s not his dad, they only look alike but they aren’t from the same place. “I said.

” Oh, thanks ma’am. “She said collecting the identity card from me before walking off.

Taking hold of Desmond hand, I make my way to the VIP section.

That place is secured with a glass door which you can’t see who is in it until you enter but you can see who is coming from inside.

After settling, the waitress came for order and we gave out different choice but my son made sure we have two or three things in common with his.

We started chatting between ourselves although, my mind was still on her (my bestie that I just met not long.

When the food came, we eat silently without saying a word to each. Letting our minds wander around.

What a small world, my friend turn out to be a news reporter instead of the dream we were both chasing before.

Although, I don’t listen to news aside if it’s about where I deal my business. Most especially, I don’t listen to news that comes from that place.

Why? Cause I don’t want to see or read new concerning them.

If not for her identity card that I owe in some hours ago, I wouldn’t know how to get out of the mess I created… TBC