In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 54


Bella’s POV

” That’s what am working on now but once am done, I will treat you for lunch today. Home made dish or outdoor dish? “I asked looking at him.

” Outdoor mom.” He said taking my palm then he placed a kiss on it.

“Okay honey.” I said roughing his hair.

“I love you Mom.” He said pouting.

“I love you too. “I said and he hugged me before going back to his drawing.

Rounding up the work I have left because I have done most of them yesterday night while my son was asleep.

I had to stay up all night just to do most of the work I have today so that I can keep the promise I made to my son about hanging out with him.

Taking out the files that I want some of my worker to work on, I shut down my laptop then stood up.

“Desmond we have to go.” I said taking my bag off the bag hanger.

“Just a few more minutes Mom.” He said still drawing whatever he is drawing.

” Maybe we shouldn’t bother going anymore.” I suggested pretending to have my seat back.

” Mom am done, let’s go already.” He said packing up as quick as he could. I couldn’t help but laugh at his cute act.

Squatting to his level, I started helping him out with the arrangement of his drawing tools into it’s box.

Carrying the box alongside with my bag and the files I want to drop for some staff on my way out of this office.

Stepping out of my office, I drop his drawing box for leo my bodyguards while I held his hand till I got to my P.A’s office.

“These should go to the financial department while this one to the auditor himself. “I said dropping the files for her separately on her desk.

“Okay ma’am.” She said.

“Once you are done, you can have the remaining hours left as break but once work calls and you wouldn’t be available, please do call me. “I added.

” Okay ma’am, I will do just that. “She said bowing while I walk away with Desmond.

Getting to the garage, the car was opened and I lifted my son up into the car before I follow suit.

“Mr chef restaurant.” I said to the driver who hummed.

Resting my head backwards, I closed my eyes thinking of how lucky I am. After so many sacrifices, here I am, rich without my dad’s help like he do say.

If I don’t do his will, he won’t help me out when am done with schooling.

He would dump me and I won’t be able to make a coin in the whole America if I don’t do his will.

Those threat alone makes me find joy in looking for pleasure from people because once I get that, u know I won’t be who I am again.


“Mom we are here, my son said making me open my eyes…