In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 55


Alicia’s POV

He would dump me and I won’t be able to make a coin in the whole America if I don’t do his will.

Those threat alone makes me find joy in looking for pleasure from people because once I get that, u know I won’t be who I am again.


“Mom we are here, my son said making me open my eyes.

“Really?” I asked looking around.

“Of course mom,I can’t wait to enter.” He said making his two killer dimple show up

“Oh yeah… Yeah.” I said looking around. Taking his hand in mine, I waited till the car was parked and the door was opened for us before coming down.

Carrying my bag in my left hand, Desmond also hold Drake in his left hand as we both walk into the restaurant.

My son started cracking jokes which makes me crack up. Yes, he crack jokes just like my best friend.

Have missed her though but I can’t just show myself to her because she is a nosy type of person. She would let those reporters know am alive.

And then knowing meant my father who is now in the prison knowing and my mother who is last seen at the international airport knowing about me.

Most especially him, I don’t want him to see me because no one knows if he still wants revenge.

In his mind right now, he might thought am dead but once every one knows, am busted most especially leaving my son at this age of his.

He is still young and still needs someone like me not that monster. He is unpredictable once he is ready to do something.

Yeah, I ran a background check on him after I put to bed. I was thinking of giving him his child and then walk away like I never had one before.

But seeing how adorable my son is, I decided to think about it for the second time while I did a background check on him.

Seeing how ruthless he is, I changed my mind, I can’t allow him to know about my son.

“Mom!” My son screamed bringing me back to reality.

“Yes honey?” I asked looking down at him.

“Mom don’t tell me you weren’t listening to me since. “He said with a saddened face.

” I was actually.” I said looking at him.

“Then what was I asking you about? “He asked making me blink rapidly.

” Mom wasn’t listening, mom is sorry.” I said looking so sorry.

“Today marks 3 years that’s she’s gone now.” I heard that familiar voice said near me.

Standing upright to look for the person who owns that same voice.

Unknown to me that someone was actually standing in front of me, I bumped my head into the person making both of us give this sound of pain.

That same tone came out of her mouth making me forget the pain coming from my head.

“You….” TBC

Who do you think the person is?