In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 53


Bella’s POV

So instead, I placed him before my work. Give him all the attention he ask for just to make him happy and grow into a good man in the future.

Unlike how I turn out to be because there was no mom or dad to talk to.

I want to be the mother and the father to him for the main time when he could decide whatever he wants without me saying no to his wishes.

It wasn’t easy to have him and it’s still not easy training him for the past two years.

Am just a teenage mom cause I have him when I was late 18 and now, am just in my late 20.

“Ma’am.” I heard my name being called by my P.A making me look up to check out why she just called me.

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“I just received a call that both the company and your house building at New York City has been completed. “She said while I smile.

” What about the flat which is the third building?” I asked looking away from her.

” It is also but remain painting of the house. “She said and I hummed.

” For both the duplex and the company, tell them to move in all the furnitures in there in just three days. Same as the flat also. I want all ready before this weekend. Am sure you also understand why I said I want them ready before weekend. “I Said and she look lost.

” Hmmmmmmmm… Maybe. “She said scratching the back of her head while I just roll my eyes.

” We are meeting with Intercom company, their New York branch for contract between us and them. Remember we need to achieve more than ten contract between those rich and popular company at New York City on Saturday. Or you didn’t also remember we are holding a business gathering on Saturday for the opening of the company. ”

I said and she gave out that guilty and shy smile which she do give out whenever she is caught red handed.

“I forgive you this one but please don’t forget anything again, now that I have reminds you. There would be punishment if you do. ”

I warned putting on a very serious facial expression.

“Yes ma’am.” She said bowing then I dismissed her.

“Mom I thought we are only using an hour here today.” My son said making me realize I had promised to spend the whole day with him.

“Remember we want to surprise grandma and grandpa. “I said trying to frame up a lie in my mind.

” Yes mom.” He replied in his tiny young voice jumping.

” That’s what am working on now but once am done, I will treat you for lunch today. Home made dish or outdoor dish? “I asked looking at him.

” Outdoor mom.” He said taking my palm then he placed a kiss on it.

“Okay honey.” I said roughing his hair.

“I love you Mom.” He said pouting.

“I love you too. “I said and he hugged me before going back to his drawing…


What a cute mother and son