In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 52


Bella’s POV

Due to the fact that I know how the rich roll in the market, it didn’t take me long enough to find the connection I needed.

We wanted to sell it at the sum of 100 billion dollars each but you know not have name would make them reduce it.

It was reduced to the sum of 50 billion dollars each. We have no choice but to take it. That’s part of the money I used to build six different companies around California.

While they invested theirs in fishing. Their company is now the number one company that produce anything that deals with fish.

Like fish oils,fish it self,fish food, food made out of food and many more.

Although, before we could do that, I went for my masters degree in business administration instead of my once old dream of being a doctor.

Before I could go for my masters degree, I did five months program to know all about business itself. Thanks to my dad, I was able to cope.

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After my master degree, I did facial and body structure surgery making myself a little bit thick just like cardi.

Instead of being that slim like girl, am now tan just like those couples who helped me.

They adopted me as their daughter and I changed every certificate and information to Bella checkers.

And with all these, I was able to achieve the dream of being a business woman with her son. Making her a single mother.

Yeah, although even with the new look, the pain is still there. Looking at my son when I gave birth to him, he looks exactly like that beast.

I wanted to get surgery for him but I don’t want to be like my parents who ruined my life. So I left his look. He already choose who he wants to look like.

When he grows up and demand for his father, I will take him there and tell him the truth behind me being far away from home.

It’s now his choice to pick what he wants in his life. Not my right to do that.

Every day I look up to my son, I see him there in his shadow.

Making me feel those pain for a whole year but I realized it’s something I would live with if I don’t forget it.

And look at my son with another view, I wouldn’t be able to move past them. And I wouldn’t be able to be a good mother to my son.

So instead, I see my son as my purpose of living and the joy and happiness of my life.

Everything he ask for, I give it to him and I don’t choose to work rather than being with him. I don’t want to make the same mistake my mom made.

So instead, I placed him before my work. Give him all the attention he ask for just to make him happy and grow into a good man in the future… TBC

So touching