In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 51


Bella POV

2 years later

“Good morning ma’am.” I was greeted by my employee as I walked down to my office.

“Morning Sarah.” I greeted before walking into my office.

Opening the door,I was greeted by the smell of a black coffee. Sniffing it in,I look up and smile while closing my eyes before walking into my office fully.

My P.A is the best,I thought placing my bag on the table while taking my seat. Opening the coffee,a paper fell off from it.

That would be a number or a letter from one of her admirers. I wonder why that girl wouldn’t say yes and leave the single life style.

Even if I ask her,she will tell me she is waiting for me to do the opening while she follow suit. Unknown to her I would never do that in anytime soon.

I just want to live my life as single and still make it more than anyone. Did I tell you the most precious gift I had. Here we go.

“Mom,” I heard Desmond called running into my office as a small little dog chase him down. He ran into me entering under the desk while I smile at how cute he looks down there.

“Desmond it’s your puppy.” I said making him look at me with those two cute eyes like his father.

“Drake,” I called the puppy after pulling out my son. The puppy came running wiggling his tail.

Reaching my place,I placed Desmond on my laps then brought the puppy up on the table making the two of them stare at each other.

The small puppy started barking while staring at Desmond who was sweating already. He doesn’t like anything dog just like his father so I have to change that.

“Don’t be scared,you just have to look for that courage and pat it’s head.” I said and he did like I have instructed.

Patting his head,the puppy started licking this hand and they started laughing.

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Putting the two of them down to get to know each other,I placed the coffee infront of Desmond while I placed milk infront of Drake.

That’s my son,the most important thing in my life. He is my happiness,joy and the main reason am still alive.

Wondering who I am,am Alicia. I was found by a Fisher man who took me in.

I was angry that am alive and tried to kill myself many times but I still survive it. That’s when I realized there’s a reason why I kept surviving death.

After two months of staying we the poor couples,I started learning fishing.on a very day,we went fishing and capture two big whale.

I asked them what we should use it for and they said they want to sell it out to the government.

Due to the fact that I know how the rich roll in the market, it didn’t take me long enough to find the connection I needed.

We wanted to sell it at the sum of 100 billion dollars each but you know not have name would make them reduce it.

It was reduced to the sum of 50 billion dollars each. We have no choice but to take it. That’s part of the money I used to build six different companies around California…


Alicia is back

The question now is why didn’t they know who she is?