In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 48


General POV

Alicia’s dad read the heart breaking and shocking letter of his life. He couldn’t believe it was old doings that came back.

So she knew all this while,he thought feeling nothing but guilt. He wondered how she would be feeling when he was lashing out on her.

He is the main reason his daughter is suffering now. But they are all dead. He made sure to leave no one out he thought still staring at the card.

This is the main reason he killed them and their close pals. He didn’t want any come back for him and his family.

But the question is who is the person she’s talking about?who raped her?he shouldn’t have said all that.

He should have calmed down like his wife told him to have,he thought as the paper drop from his hands.

He didn’t know how it happened, his only child knows who his enemy is.

In her letter,she said it’s the same person that kept attacking my company in order to collapse it.

And the person is right infront of me only if I can see the person will I be able to recognize the person.

“What are you waiting for?you heard she only gave us 30 minutes to get to her place and you have spent 20 minutes sitting here and doing nothing.

I swear to God who made me if I get there and find out she is dead,am entering that river alongside with her.”her mom said hitting her husband right in the chest.

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Hearing these,the first thing that came to his mind was to rescue her for the sake of his company.

Every thing in him that’s feeling hurt and guilty flew out like a wild animal.

All his mind was filled with is to get the information of his enemy so that he can get revenge.

“Let’s go bring our sweet daughter back home.” He lied pretending to be concerned about his daughter health which he isn’t.

Rushing out of his car,he picked his key then make his wife seat at the passenger seat While he drove off.

Some Minutes later

Driving to the location,they got down from their car while looking around for their daughter.

“I don’t think we should go further why don’t we call her in order to know where she is?”his wife suggest as the wave hit her.

Shivering as the rain droplet hit her,she wondered how her daughter would be feeling.

In her mind, she kept on cursing herself for not being there for her only girl child.

Only if she had thrown the dream of being a business woman away and be there for her daughter.

She would have treated her like a true princess, she would have being both her play mate and a mother to her.

Maybe if she had been there most of the times she spent traveling around, these wouldn’t be the case.

“She isn’t picking my calls.” The father said.

What could have happened to my daughter, her mother thought crying already.

“We have to continue calling her while looking for her who knows maybe she is cold already and couldn’t move a finger. “Her mother said and they both agreed…