In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 47


Kylian’s POV

Run away then live your life how you want it wherever. Just like dying, I thought nodding.

I have to drop him a clue of who did it so that many people won’t pay for what they didn’t even do.

Taking out a paper and pen,I drafted out a letter then tag along the card telling him not to look for me cause he won’t find me.

Only if he kills himself that’s when he could find me.

Writing my wish for them and telling him how disappointed I am in him for dealing with drugs without telling us.

And killing those people who are innocent just because he wanted all the wealth to be his.

But unfortunately, the person who is going to ruin him is here already but he doesn’t even recognize the person.

I wished him a lovely years ahead that’s even if he get through a year without having stroke.

I also ask him to tell my husband to be to get another wife cause he can never find me if he also try to look for me.

Wishing my mom more sons and daughters who won’t be a whore like me, I put in my signature as their commodity which should be used for biat.

Checking what I have wrote, I placed it in the middle of my bed with a knife place on it.

It means if he feels like dying at the moment he read this letter, he should help himself with the knife before him.

No one will realize until he had done it and he doesn’t need to go to the kitchen for a knife.

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Changing my clothes to the gown he bought for me yesterday for the meeting that’s going to take place tomorrow, I unlocked the door silently that they won’t even know then step out of the house using my window.

Thank God it just stop raining which means the river would me full by now. I will easily get drown.

Using the fence, I jumped down and started running towards the bridge.

Once I got there, I undress myself then called his number.

After the third ring, he finally pick the call.

“The door is opened and you might want to enter once you do so please do yourself the favor of reading the letter and take your time to take a look at the card there. Once you have done that, you might want to come down to the city heart bridge there you would see me. I give you only 30 minutes.

Mind you, don’t keep me waiting cause I might just jump into the river.. “I said daring him as I eye the river there.

Dropping the call, I placed my phone on the clothes there then jump into the river with nothing on my body.

Holding my stomach, I close my eyes then watch myself drift away…


Alicia is gone