In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 46


Alicia’s POV

” If she is in need of a baby, she can go and adopt then but now, she don’t need that thing in her stomach. “Dad said.

I shouldn’t have stayed here. I knew that the moment I listen to their conversation, it would be something o don’t want to listen to.

I didn’t even realize am out of my hiding until I find myself taking the stairs.

“Sweetie it’s not like that,” I heard my mom said from behind me trying to hold me down but I push her off.

I don’t need someone like them in my life anymore, I hate them. I thought in my mind walking off.

“Let her be, she heard it and she heard right. That’s how it’s going to be. “My dad added yelling behind me.

” I always knew having a daughter was a cures not a blessing. I wish I had a son, I wouldn’t even bother if you turn yourself to a whore for the whole world. “Dad added.

The voice was already gone, tears where running but I didn’t make a sound it was like am not even the one in my body now.

I only feel nub inside and my legs seems heavy for me to carry. I could only drag it down to my room.

Although, my dad was following me calling me to stop and face him while my mom run after him telling him to let me be.

But everything all seems far away from me I don’t even think I was in this world. Am lost already without the hope of someone finding me.

Am just this hopeless someone who only want to lay inside the river and sleep off the wake up at the right hand of death.

“She was raped!” My mom yelled again the moment I open my door making my dad stop on his track.

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Telling him that doesn’t make anything change, it’s still the same thing.

He doesn’t give a sh*t about me cause am a daughter not a son he had dream of making his heir.

Closing and locking the door, I crash on the floor weeping While holding my chest.

“Alicia’s I am sorry.” I heard my dad says and I started laughing loudly instead of crying. I didn’t even know why am laughing instead of crying.

“Be at peace, am not going to stab you in your dream. I said laughing.

He kept on telling me to open up but am not in the mood to talk to anyone of them. Because they both ruined me.

I close my eyes and started meditating While thinking of what steps to take next.

Run away then live your life how you want it wherever. Just like dying, I thought nodding.

I have to drop him a clue of who did it so that many people won’t pay for what they didn’t even do… TBC

Do you think death can solve all these?
Or forgiveness? Drop your answer in the comments section