In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 49


General POV

“She isn’t picking my calls.” The father said.

What could have happened to my daughter, her mother thought crying already.

“We have to continue calling her while looking for her who knows maybe she is cold already and couldn’t move a finger. “Her mother said and they both agreed.

” Why don’t we search through under the bridge who knows she might be there.”her father suggest as he make his way down the bridge.

Her mom couldn’t do anything else than to follow him cause she is deeply in need of her daughter.

“I can see a light from afar.” Her mom said pointing at a spot where a light shone from while her dad turned towards the place.

I can’t wait to destroy you again old enemy,he thought in his mind smirking but physically,he only show that innocent face.

They started running towards the place while climbing up the bridge.

They once thought she would be seated infront of the river waiting for them while shivering but now,they wants to get to the bridge as quick as possible.

Getting to the place,they saw her phone placed on a white gown same as her undies there.

Seeing there’s no sign of her,her mom quickly check the time and found out they are 30 minutes late.

She fell on her knees crying out her heart but her husband was only pained, pained that he couldn’t get the information from her.

Although,she meant nothing to him if he had a male child but since he had non,she was just a beneficiary.

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But now that she has the most important thing in his life in her hands,he thought he could get it from her but unfortunately,she was late.

Late enough to miss the one life time chance of his life.



” Alicia!”


” Alicia!” Her mom called out while crying hoping she could somehow hear her and come back even if it’s for her.

“Alicia I promise to do anything,I mean everything for you my baby please come back!”her mom called crying bitterly.

But it couldn’t be reversed even if her brain isn’t ready to process and record her daughter death,the deed is done already.

“Bring my daughter back Mark!” His wife yelled calling him by his name for the first time making him shock.

“I will just call them and they would be here in no time and sure she isn’t yet far in the river.”he said trying to operate his phone.

Unfortunately for him,his wife was damn pissed about what he just said.

“No you get in there because you are the cause of these and you would be the one to bring my daughter back!” she yelled angrily facing him with an angry blasting face.

In her mind,she wishes it was her husband who left not her daughter.

“They would do their job and bring her back you don’t have to wo…”

he didn’t get to finish that sentence when she slapped him right across the face…TBC