In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 43


Alicia’s POV

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Mom asked making me now extremely confused.

” Tell you what mom? “I asked.

” Don’t give me that Alicia! Don’t give me that bull sh*t! You know what am talking about. “Mom yelled already on her feet.

” Give you what? Mom I don’t get it mom! We just got here and she would have told you what’s wrong with me so tell me and stop beating around mom. ”

I said getting tired of what she is getting at because it seems like am the only one lost here.

“Who raped you?” Mom asked making me extremely shocked that she knew about it.

Maybe they are just guessing, I need to turn this game all around, I thought.

“Raped?” I asked laughing.

“Raped you say? That really irritating mom, am not and would never be. “I said still laughing but tears where coming out it self.

” Gosh damn this my stupid emotions! “I yelled running my fingers through my hair as I tried to stop myself from crying but I couldn’t control it.

They where coming out themselves which makes me wonder why I can’t control my emotions lately.

“Are you saying she is wrong with the test she carried out?” Mom asked.

Well, game over. She already caught me red handed, I thought rasing my head to meet her eyes.

“Fine, no more covering up for the deed that have been done. I was rape so what? What are you going to do to it? Are you going to travel out for business trip again and leave me just like you have been doing for the past ten years? All you and your husband knows is business and business and business! Am not sure if am your child like you claim I am, your only child! ”

I yelled angrily as more tears kept spilling out of my eyes non stop.

“When? Who did this?” Mom asked already going down with guilt and self pity.

“When? Who did it?” I asked then chuckled sadly looking away from her into the far end of the office.

“You can atleast go back to China where you went to and ask your business partner. “I said taking my eyes back to her.

Anger filed my eyes as those pain kept rushing back to my head, memories of that night which I don’t want to remember but here she is bringing it back.

“I will leave you two to talk.” The doctor said leaving us all alone in the office.

We kept staring at our self without saying a word more to ourselves.

Although, I still have more that I want to say to her but I just don’t want to spit it out now because she might end up being admitted today.

So instead, I will keep it to myself.

“The result of the last test is out.” I heard the doctor said coming into the office.

My mom was so damn nervous even more than I am that she flew out of her seat the moment the woman announced her arrival…


What do you think the result of the test would be?