In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 44


Alicia’s POV

Although, I still have more that I want to say to her but I just don’t want to spit it out now because she might end up being admitted today.

So instead, I will keep it to myself.

“The result of the last test is out.” I heard the doctor said coming into the office.

My mom was so damn nervous even more than I am that she flew out if her seat the moment the woman announced her arrival.

In my mind, I started praying it shouldn’t be what my mind is thinking cause there’s possibility.

It could be it since it all happened fast that I couldn’t sneak out for the test the nurse said we should come back for.

Even my drugs, I couldn’t get all of them but am happy with the little I was able to buy that night, it healed the stitches the nurse did for me.

And took away my pain just that have been extra careful since that day not to do anything that involves splitting or stretching.

I didn’t even bother doing morning warm up that I usually take before.

And I try as possible to poo everyday and also watch what I eat so that I wouldn’t have the cause to scream while pooing and the place they stitch won’t open.

Also, I don’t hold wee like I do before. It comes and I rush into the bathroom to do my business.

Even dad has complained about me going to the toilet more than usual. I just brush it off saying I drank too much water before leaving home.

“Here’s the result.” She said handling it to my mom whose hand is already shaking.

“The pregnancy test was positive, she’s two weeks gone.” The doctor said making my head spin as my lungs close up.

While I kept struggling to stop my spinning head and breathe in.

Trying to hold the table for support, my eyes started closing tried to keep it open but my vision is cloudy already giving it away and I closed my eyes.

I pass out because of insufficient breathing and a spinning head.

Hours later.

Opening my eyes, I saw myself laid on a bed I try to figure where I am then realized am in the hospital.

Getting the drip off me, I took my phone and called my driver even though the nurses tried to stop me but my legs are faster than my mind.

Sighting my driver, I stopped him then I entered the car telling him to turn around which he did then drove home.

Reaching home, I saw my dad just coming home. I greeted him and he replied which means mom hasn’t say anything to him.

Opening the door, I saw her just descending the stair case with rush but once she saw me, she stopped running.

Sighting my father behind me, she mouthed for me to leave for my room.

In my mind, I was like do I want to stay here while I watch you talk about me? I thought before walking off but my spirit didn’t want to go so I hid behind the curtain…


She’s pregnant with his baby