In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 42


Alicia’s POV

All I want to do now is get out of this rplace, I want to do is to sleep. Am so tired but here I am sitting here with a doctor who kept talking like a running tap.

This is the reason why I hate this woman, all she loves to do is to talk till dawn. I thought eyeing her in my mind that I didn’t know when she called me until my mom hit me.

“Mom.” I called rolling my eyes.

“What?” I asked rubbing my shoulder that she just hit with her big fist.

“She just asked you a question.” Mom said motioning to the doctor.

” Oh, sorry ma’am. “I said looking at her. I was actually expecting her to repeat whatever she said.

“So what are the symptoms you have been feeling lately? “She asked taking out her note book and pen .

“Well, have been sleeping lately, eating alot lately, sometimes I won’t even realize I haven’t taken anything since morning and I do feel tired especially in the morning. Let’s just say all sort of morning sickness. “I explained using my hand also to explain more so that she can understand better.

“Well I might just assume but I won’t because it’s just 50 – 50 if I assume so instead, I will just need you to lay on the bed over there. ”

She said pointing at a small blue bed behind the white curtains.

“You have to undress, I mean you have to be in your underwear.” She said and I nodded.

Undressing myself, I left my panties and bra on before laying on the bed on my back.

She came up then ran different test that I know nothing about.

“You can wee into this cup then come back with it.” She said making me nod.

Taking my dress, I dress myself then picked the cup making my way into the bathroom there.

After doing as she had told me to do, I came out with the cup filled then gave her.

But I noticed that the two of them sitted doesn’t have that same expression they had before.

Staring at my mom, she stares at me with this expression that’s asking for something she knows I won’t come out straight with.

Same as the doctor who has pity Written on her face which got me wondering what’s wrong with me.

Do I have cancer? Am I HIV positive? Or I am going to die soon? I thought taking my sit.

My Mom didn’t even allow me to rest my back before she turned her seat facing me.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Mom asked making me now extremely confused.

” Tell you what mom? “I asked.

” Don’t give me that Alicia! Don’t give me that bull sh*t! You know what am talking about. “Mom yelled already on her feet.

” Give you what? Mom I don’t get it mom! We just got here and she would have told you what’s wrong with me so tell me and stop beating around mom. ”

I said getting tired of what she is getting at because it seems like am the only one lost here…