In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 4


I could feel their eyes piercing through me as I walked back to my seat. The girls were also flashing their teeth at me but I didn’t flinch.

It wasn’t the first time I was getting such reactions. So, I knew how to handle it.

I got back to my seat and the professor soon started to distribute the sheets to everyone else. Some collected theirs happily while the others looked sad as they saw their scores.

After the collection of sheets ended, the professor began to teach. She had only thirty minutes left before the class ended. The whole class turned silent to listen to her.

All the while as the professor continued, I kept my focus on her, not noticing someone had been staring at me all along. I mistakenly looked left and I saw her take off her eyes immediately.

It was Betty, the girl who had scored 85% in the test.

I smiled and ignored her but noticed she continued stealing glances at me.

Soon, the class ended and I saw Betty heading over to my direction immediately.

“Hi,” Betty flashed her teeth at me and extended a handshake.

“Hello,” I smiled back at her and shook her hand.

She looked beautiful with her smile but was quite short. She was putting on a short green dress and had her books held closely to her chest.

“My name is Betty and I know you’re Kylian,” she said.

“Nice to meet you Betty,” I replied.

“Welldone, you’re the first to beat her in the class, no one has ever done that,” Betty complimented.

“Beat who?” I asked.

Betty didn’t reply but only glanced towards the direction of a beautiful girl.

“Oh! That lady,” I smiled.

“Yes, she always come top and she’s always arrogant about it.”

I chuckled, still staring at the girl. “Is that why she wasn’t happy being the second best.”

“Yes, but the whole class is happy that she got beaten,” Betty laughed.

I grinned and looked towards the girl again. She was just packing her books and had gotten up to leave the class. I noticed she looked so beautiful. She got a perfect oval face and a figure-eight. I also noticed her medium-sized ass that made me lust after her.

“Hey, Kylian,” I heard a male’s voice call my name and I turned to look at him. “My name is Nathan.”

“Hello, Nathan,” I smiled at him and took the handshake.

“You’re so quiet, Kylian. You barely talk to anyone in the class,” Nathan said.

“Uhmm, I’m just trying to adjust to the new school. I guess I will get used to it soon.”

“That’s alright,” Nathan nodded. “I’ve got to go now,” he said and then looked at Betty. “Take care, Betty. See you later, Kylian.”

“Take care, Nathan,” I waved him bye and quickly looked towards Alicia again. She was gone already.

“So, Kylian. Do you stay in the school hostel?” Betty asked and I turned my attention to her.

“No, I stay close to the train station,” he answered.

“So, you’re going to take a bus home?”

“Uhmn… Yes,” I lied. I was with no money for a bus, so I was going to walk home.

“Okay, but would you like to join me for a meal before you go?” Betty asked.

I raised my face and stared at her suspiciously. I was going to refuse because I had no money on me.

“Please, don’t say no,” she pleaded with me. “All bills are on me.”

I heaved a sigh of relief, knowing she was going to foot the bills. But I wasn’t still convinced to go with me.

“I’m not hungry yet,” I said politely with a smile.

“Uhmn…” She looked disappointed. “What about a drink with me, please.”

I twisted my lips and squinted at her, wondering why she wouldn’t give up.

“Please…” she begged again.

“Alright,” I finally agreed and she jumped up in happiness.

I watched her turn quickly and walked to her seat.

“Hmmm,” I hummed as I watched her ass bouncing behind her.

Betty may not look as pretty as Alicia was, but she definitely got a nice ass too.

Don’t mind me. I may be broke. But I f***ing got eyes for good women and nice ass.

Want to know more about me? I’ll tell you more.

To be continued