In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 5


Kylian’s POV

Following Betty behind, I can still feel that same girl throwing diggers at me.

Right in her head, all she would wish for is for me to go and not come back.

Or I should collapse and fall to the ground then it should open up and swallow me.

Girls, don’t come too closer so you won’t get hurt, I thought smirking deep down but physically, I keep the cool, quiet and innocent boy’s face on.

Staring right before me, I found Betty standing in front of what seems like their restaurant here waiting for me to move closer while blushing really hard.

Walking towards her, I decided to stand a feet away from her not wanting to jump in like that.

“We are here.” She said choking on her spit.

“Hmm… Okay.” I replied waiting for her to make a move which she later did.

“You should sit here while I order what you would eat along side mine. “She replied walking off quickly before I could even decline it.

The more step she takes, the more her short free skirt bounce just like her butt dose.

Staring at it the more, I found out that she is only wearing g string which exposed more of her lower big ass cheek .

I mean the butt cheek resting on her flawless thigh.

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Whenever she turns around to take a look at me, I would turn away from her pretending to be looking out of the window.

Or looking down on the menu list placed on the table.

Although, from the Conner of my eyes, I can see her eye raping me while blushing.

Common girl, just say it already. I thought bitting on my lower lips as I tried to calm my erected member.

Who is actually begging for me to release some of the load in it.

Lost in my thoughts, I unconsciously started bitting on my lips the more that I didn’t know some people have started recording it.

Well, girl find boys more hot whenever they bite on their lip most especially lower lips.

But as for me, I do that whenever am lost in my thought or needed answer but couldn’t find one.

“You should do that more often just because you really need this attention b***h.” I heard a lady voice says behind me.

My head instantly wipe itself to where the person is only to find the school miss beautiful staring at me with hatred.

Giving her that face that ask questions knowing that what piss her off, she huffed and flip her hair before leaving with her food.

I can’t believe a girl just called me b***h, she must be really pained. I thought staring at her straight long legs.

“You don’t have to think about it, that’s how she behaves. “Betty said settling before me with our foods…