In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 3


Alicia’s POV

“Hello, everyone,” Professor Julie greeted as she walked into the class with her hands full of our assignment sheets.

Professor Julie was MBA 411 tutor. Even though her subject was one of the most difficult ones, she was the favourite of many students. She was liked by many due to her young age and friendly nature. Professor Julie was only 35, younger than most of the other professors. She was also beautiful and had a perfect body shape for a woman, which made many male student lust after her body silently.

“Your tests have already been processed and I have the results here,” she dropped some sheets on the table and held a few in her hands.

That was her pattern. She always called out the top three students in the tests whenever the results were ready.

“Betty Shawn came third in the test with 85%,” Professor Julie said as she handed over a sheet to smiling Betty.

I flashed a look at Betty and smiled. Betty was always among the top three best students in the class. She and Nathan were usually at loggerheads. Sometimes, Betty was second while Nathan was third and sometimes they interchanged.

Everyone knew how the progression would be, so Nathan was already smiling as Professor Julie was about to call the second name.

“With 90%, we have Alicia as second,” professor Julie announced to the shock of everyone.

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My eyes almost bulged out in surprise. How could it be?

Nathan had never challenged me to be the first. So, what happened this time? I asked myself, feeling sad.

I wasn’t the only shocked person. The whole class was.

“Alicia!” Professor Julie’s call of my name forced me out of the trance.

I got up reluctantly and dragged my legs slowly to the front to take the answer sheet from her.

As I returned to my seat, I could feel the whole class eyes piercing through me. What angered me the most was the mischievous smile on Betty’s face. She was mocking me and not even hiding it.

I got back to my seat and wondered how Nathan had managed to score more than 90% this time. No student ever got more than ninety percent in any of Professor Julie’s test from our first year.

“And with ninety-five percent…” the whole class fixed her eyes on the Professor as she paused and began to look at the students’ faces.

We all knew who it was going to be, so we wondered why she was putting up unnecessary suspense.

“We have Kylian Green,” the professor finally announced.

There was murmuring in the whole class as most of us looked around, wondering who Kylian Green was.

Then, there was a sudden silence when the new guy at the back got up and walk slowly to the front. He was without any expression on his face, no smiles, no frown.

But damn! He looked so handsome as he walked to the front.

I hissed as I noticed the lust on the faces of the other girls as they stared at him. This guy had been with us for over a week and had no friends yet. He looked like a timid person and had not been able to hold a conversation with anyone.

“You’re the newly transferred student, right?” Professor Julie asked Kylian as she withheld his sheet from him.

“Yes,” he nodded and said shyly.

A smile formed on the Professor’s face as she handed the sheet to him. “Keep it up, Kylian.”

“Thank you,” he let out a shy smile as he took it and turned back.

The professor licked her lips and followed him with her eyes as he walked back to his seat. It was obvious she was also falling for his handsomeness.

Gosh! It seems like this new shy guy will be a problem for me.

But I won’t let that happen. I will not let him beat me in another test again. He must know that I’m the Queen and no one can overthrow me.

To be continued