In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 38


Kylian’s POV

Locking it, I make my way into the car then unlocked the gate before we both drove out .

Taking a quick shower to refresh my body, I changed to a suit that would make me look presentable and less of a person wanting revenge.

Just like a gentle man. Styling my hair, I did the necessary then walk out of my house.

Entering the car,I drove out of my home driving down to his house.

Although, thoughts where running through my mind. Such as if she has showed him the card or not since he is back in the country.

Am also wondering if she remembers how I look like from last night because am very sure I didn’t switch the light on so as not to give her any lead about me.

Most especially how I look like since her father didn’t even know if am still alive. And am using a new face, name and identity.

Driving into his house, I was searched before I was being allowed to even drive in through the gate.

Parking the car, I used some minutes in there to study how his house looks like especially if there’s any security camera there.

Had it been there are some information in his house and I need it, to sneak into the house, one must know every angle of the house.

Because the man can be unpredictable when it comes to security measures. One must not get caught when sneaking into a man’s house like his.

Counting how many CCTV camera were placed at the entrance of his house, I stepped down and move nearer to the main door while calculating and planning on how to deactivate them.

The door was opened for me and I saw the man himself smiling with a fellow business partner.

That smile would soon turn to tears before you know it. I thought in my mind.

Taking few more step, he noticed me and made his way towards me wondering who I am and why am here.

“Good afternoon sir.” I greeted stretching my hands out for the normal gesture.

“Afternoon.” He said with pride in his voice. You haven’t changed a bit, I said in my mind.

“Aren’t you the owner of AK firms?” I asked pretending to look behind him in search of something just to test him again.

“Who else have that kind of strong firm if not me? I am the CEO of AK firms.”He said with pride.

We started discussing about business and the percent of share I want to buy in his firm. His greedy self agreed to it.

Bringing out the contract, he placed it in front of me. I was about taking out my pen when a voice stop me from doing so.

Alicia’s POV

After dressing up, I make my way downstairs in search of dad only to find him speaking with someone.

Looking right from where I am, I could tell the person would be very handsome and young. Who can he be? I thought.

The only way to find out is to move closer to them and interrupt whatever they were doing through that, I will be able to get his attention.

What a great idea, I thought making my way towards them. Pretending to not to notice him,I began to talk.

“Dad is the dress am wearing o….” I couldn’t complete my sentence because of the person am looking at right now…


What would happen here today