In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 39


Kylian’s POV

Bringing out the contract, he placed it in front of me. I was about taking out my pen when a voice stop me from doing so.

Alicia’s POV

After dressing up, I make my way downstairs in search of dad only to find him speaking with someone.

Looking right from where I am, I could tell the person would be very handsome and young. Who can he be? I thought.

The only way to find out is to move closer to them and interrupt whatever they are doing through that, I will be able to get his attention.

What a great idea, I thought making my way towards them. Pretending to not to notice him,I began to talk.

“Dad is the dress am wearing o….” I couldn’t complete my sentence because of the person am looking at right now.

It is him, the beast, I thought staring at him with shock Written all over my face.

What is he doing here? Is he here to tell Dad about the card? What are they talking about? So it’s true that my dad is involved with selling of illegal drugs?

Is this man a new business partner he might have wrong somewhere for him to treat me like sh*t?

Different thoughts were running through my mind as I stare at him most especially why he was the one with the card.

Lost in my thoughts, I totally forgot that dad was still here standing with us. I also noticed that we shared the same stare and glance.

That’s, it seems it’s the same emotions and thought that’s running through our mind as we kept staring at each other non stop.

Neither did we blink for some seconds.

“Have you two met before?” I heard my dad asked making me realize I just gave him an impression that I should have.

“No dad, just wondering how a man could be this handsome. “And wicked, I added in my mind. I said these before he could even open his mouth to reply.

“Alicia,” dad called making me stare at him with a shy smile.

“It’s not what you are thinking dad, am just appreciating the work of God. I only wish he isn’t dangerous and deadly cause I know of one man who raped a teenage girl and toss her aside like she meant nothing just for revenge I think. He is very handsome and cool that you won’t know he is a rapist or who he tell people he is. “I said smirking at him.

He has this shocking face same as my dad who has this unbelievable face.

“Don’t tell me the both of you believe it.” I said laughing just to clear the thick air around us.

“It’s just one of my lame joke, don’t take it to heart.” I said.

“It’s nice meeting you Mr handsome stranger. “I said before walking away…