In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 37


AKylian’s POV

” The plan I have for him is one which would make him fall on his feet and beg me for mercy but not only me.

He is going to fall on his feet and beg every share holder he has when am done with him. “I said smirking.

“What plan boss.” Josh asked making an evil smile from around my lips.

“If I go with your plan and have the company to myself, he can just move to another of his branch without feeling the pain I want him to feel.

I want him to be shook from the root, I want him to feel impact, I want ato be at the point of crying when am done with him. ”

I said stroking my hair as I imagined how it would look like in my brain.

“Permit me to ask why boss.” Josh said.

” Once we make the value of those shares in his company drop, I will invest in it know fully well it’s going to keep dropping it’s value.

And I would keep investing in it as we keep on bringing the value down secretly. Once 50 percent of all the company he has is gone, I will pull out all my shares in all his company.

Seeing that I pull out, the company won’t be able to stand anymore and those share holders would also want to pull out.

And once they pull out, most of their share won’t be complete anymore because 50 percent of the company is gone.

From there, he would start selling everything he has to pay back those who he is owing.

During those time, I would send people to him to buy it paying him fake money that he wouldn’t quickly notice.

You know what it meant once he get to know it’s fake money he has received.

Before he would think of going after those people I sent to buy his property, I will drag him to the court of law using every documents you find for me.

Which means, his right would be seized from him and he won’t be able to charge anyone to court.

Although, I won’t be the only one, his investors would also charge him to court remember he hasn’t paid some people back their money out of those shares holder of his company. “I said.

” Done boss, but you can also pay him a busy today and talk about investing in his company so that he wouldn’t realize anything fishing. “Josh said.

” Is he back? “I asked.

” Yes and he is holding a house party now for all his business partner.” He said.

“That good, we should get going. “I said walking out of the house and he followed suit.

Locking it, I make my way into the car then unlocked the gate before we both drove out…. TBC

He is going to the party, What do you think would happen?