In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 36


Kylian’s POV

Getting to my villa, I met Josh standing beside his black car. As reached the gate, I automatically opened the gate then drove in.

He also drove in after me parking his car besides mine before stepping out of the car.

Stepping out of my car, I made my way into the house while he follow suit.

“Good afternoon boss.” Josh said bowing slightly while I motioned him to sit.

” What would you like me to look into this time around boss.” He asked taking his seat before me.

” About this man. “I said placing his picture on the floor along side the one of ten years ago.

“I want you to look into this case, it’s ten years ago and I want to bring it back.

All I need right now is for you to get back every information he might have kept hidden ten years ago till date.”

I said bringing out a cigarette stick from it’s pack and I pass down the rest to him.

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“If I may know why boss.” Josh said making me chuckle.

” He is the man I told you about,the man who killed my entire family.”I said making him gaps.

“Now you know why I want to ruin him. That aside, I need to invest in his business I mean I need to buy the biggest share of his company and to do that, I have to look for a way. “I said.

” That is, you want to bring a fall to it’s value then use your money to invest in it so that it would rise again.

Through that, you will be able to buy the biggest share of his company and he wouldn’t even have the chance and time to think about it.

By then, he would be looking for every means to stand his business even if it’s borrowing from aq bank, he would do it to make his name survive the fall. ”

Josh said and I hummed while nodding my head in agreement cause he has just said my mind .

“Once I have 60 percent of his company, I can claim it to be mine and he would have nothing else to do but no, I won’t do mine like that. ”

I said puffing my cigarettes as I stand on my feet walking towards my family portrait standing on the wall.

“Why? Isn’t that what you want to do? Isn’t that what you have ever dreamed of? It’s only to ruin him. “Josh asked.

” Of course yes, I want to ruin him and still would. But not with the way you put the plan. “I said turning around to face him.

” The plan I have for him is one which would make him fall on his feet and beg me for mercy but not only me.

He is going to fall on his feet and beg every share holder he has when am done with him. “I said smirking…