In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 34


Alicia’s POV

That time, I was thankful that he has changed not knowing the bad deed he has done.

“Ma’am I…..” I heard hope said making me slam the laptop as I stuff in some food into my mouth.

“I wanted to ask if you are done with the food.” She said staring at me.

” No am not done yet, thanks for the meal, it’s delicious. ” I said commending her even though I don’t know what flavor am eating.

She waited for sometimes which got me praying for her to leave but instead, she kept staring down at me telling me to take in more of the food.

Taking the last thing on my plate, I drank my coffee then place the cup back.

Moving away from the table slightly, I minimize what I was browsing on chrome then took it to VLC player.

“You must be really hungry.” She said packing the plate and I nodded.

Once she is done with the packing of the used plate, I placed my laptop on the table pretending to watch what ever movie that was there but my mind was far away.

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My mind is wondering if there’s any possibility of my dad been the murderer.

Because he was the one they suspected and he is the only one who still lives among his persecutors and business partners.

Even some judge and lawyers same as some police men died then because of this case. Why didn’t he.

Something isn’t right, something seems fishy. I need to find out what really happened but where will I get my answers, I thought.

His office, I will get down with files of ten years ago if I want to know the answers to my questions.

But why is it from the stranger I received the card from and why was I punished by him.

He isn’t even one of the dead family so why is he the one bringing this up and why is it my own dad he wants me to give the card to.

Or is he one of their trusted bodyguards who happens to know the truth? I thought pacing around my room.

I have to get to my dad’s office as quick as possible, I concluded.

Taking my laptop, I shut it down then removed every little pice of paper I jotted one or two things together with the card, I placed them back in my safe then lock it.

Taking my phone and my keys, I wore my flip flops then vacate my room. Locking room, I make my way to his office.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t hold his keys along with me which made me go in search of his key in his room.

Sighting the key besides his lamp post, I took it then ran back to his office.

“What are you doing there?”I  heard as I was about unlocking the office…


She was caught