In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 35


Alicia’s POV

Sighting the key besides his lamp post, I took it then ran back to his office.

“What are you doing there?”I heard as I was about unlocking the office.

Oh sh*t, don’t tell me that voice belongs to my dad. I prayed silently while I started thinking of what to say before turning around.

“Oh dad, you are back.” I said smiling as I hugged him to myself although,it took time before he could hug me back.

“Dad I miss you.” I added placing my head on his chest while he rub my back.

“You didn’t tell me you will come back this early dad, you said in two months time. “I said initiating on the fact that he shouldn’t be home yet.

“Don’t you want your dad home? I don’t really think you missed me. “He said holding my hand as he drag me away from his office.

Looking back at the office door, I couldn’t help but wish I could go back in time just before they arrive.

I could have just lock that maid out of my room and walk away into his office then get whatever I want before now.

But instead, this is what I get. I couldn’t get what I have stressed both my brain and energy for. It’s all at waste now.

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Getting downstairs, I was greeted by a gathering of a whole lot of people smiling While sipping their wine.

“Dad what’s this?” I asked looking around like a lost puppy I am.

“I arrived some days ago but was actually planning a business gathering that’s why I couldn’t come home straight.

I want you to meet all of them, remember you are my only heir so I don’t think there’s something bad with you learning about the bus’s you are going to run later now. ”

He said looking at me with a full face smile before staring back at those people who didn’t even realize he is in here already.

“You could have just inform me before now so that I can dress properly dad. Just take a look at what am wearing. ”

I said pointing at the free gown am wearing with a flop in my leg making me look really out of place because they all dress formally.

“You go upstairs now and dress up then come back for the introduction. “Dad said releasing my hand but he made sure he took the keys from me.

Although, in my mind I have the plan of taking the extra key to his office from it’s bunch in my room once I leave here.

Though, that’s if he didn’t collect the keys from me.

Disappointedly, I took my leave and left for my room.

Entering the room, I picked out one of my best long gown that could cover up my limping.

Because once these people are gone, that would be the first thing he would notice…