In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 33


Alicia’s POV

Taking my seat on the floor also, I on the laptop then type in my password.

Seeing it unlocked, I scanned the card first before searching through Google then I came across it.

It’s a business Logo for an illegal drug company whose real owner died ten years ago. My father name was posted there as one of their share holder.

He is also the only share holder that didn’t die that year out of twenty share holder with the owner which made it twenty one in number.

They all died mysteriously alongside their family members same as their family friends also.

Aside from the owner whose family friend where murdered cold blooded and the owner along side his family died in an accident.

My father was charged to court three times for this same case of him been the cause although, that was before the owner and his family members died.

But the night of the day my dad was almost guilty but haven’t been stamped, the owner and his family died in a car accident and my dad was left alone.

Why because they weren’t able to provide them before the court of law.

But something is not really right, why is it that it’s the night before the hearing day they all die.

And why did he survived? the person who killed his fellow business partner.

It’s not that I want him dead, am just wondering how he survived it.

I can’t believe my dad deals with drug, making him a drug lord.

I should have noticed it with the way he act and talks to us.

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Also, he kept us in a hiding saying some of his enemy might want to come after his only precious daughter and wife.

For eight good year of my life, I was made to leave far away from the city where I received lectures online.

Eight years of being bored if there’s no lectures,I would only stare down at the sky or the thick bushes which was all over.

Staring down at them,I would wish that one day 1 can have someone to call a friend.

There was no going out or coming in for me and my mom. If we need something from the city, we would have to tell Dad and he would bring it down.

Or even send someone to bring it for us. Then, I thought that’s how other rich children are treated so I didn’t bother to ask for more.

But all of a sudden, after 8 good years, he came back saying everything is cleared.

I also noticed he no longer smoke like he does before. Same as the way he address and talk to us was more responsible and respectful than before.

That time, I was thankful that he has changed not knowing the bad deed he has done.

“Ma’am I…..”…