In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 32


Kylian’s POV

Good bye my chocolate candy, yours strawberry… Reading these, my knees instantly weaken making me hold the foot of the bed for support.

Reading this alone increased my anger by ten,the feeling of destroying that man kept piling up in my already clouded dark mind.

How could he,how could he use her as a bait and still not keep to his promises after killing her.

What if I didn’t survive the accident,I won’t able to read this letter I just read today.

Her dying is not a waste, I survived that night because of one thing. I survived just to make him pay for his sins, I survived just to revenge the death of my love once.

For the lives he took in an interview of three days,for their blood that flooded the floor thanks to him.

For the unborn child he made her kill,he and his family are going to pay for all. I thought getting on my feet.

I didn’t want to do anything today but it seems I would have to fire it now or never.

I have to start now before it would be too late, I have to dig everything up and ruin him. Make him feel the pain I felt and still feeling for 10 years now.

Taking my phone out, I decided to call Josh my secret agent who does those tracking and background check also digging up of things that people believe it doesn’t exist.

Things that have been kept hidden or cleared off the earth surface, he would search for it and make sure he comes back with the job completed.

“Good morning boss.” Josh greeted.

“Meet me in my Villa in the next one hour.” I ordered.

“Yes boss. “He replied. With that, I drop the call then changed my outfit.

Picking my keys and phone, I put my small gun where it stay then walk out of the room.

“Aren’t we going to settle what’s between us before you leave for where ever you want to go? “I heard David said making me turn around.

I didn’t even realize he has done something that made me really annoyed a while ago.

He is the least of my problem now but if I don’t give him the impression he wants, he would know something is off.

“Fine, I have forgiven you but for now, I have things to deal with at the office. “I said walking away from him.

” Atleast let’s have a descent breakfast without anyone talking or asking questions. “He said and I rolled my eyes.

” Will be back in the next three hours, don’t stay up for me. If lunch is ready just take yours While I will take mine later when am back! “I yelled running out of the house.

Entering my car, I drove off down to my Villa… TBC