In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 30


Kylian’s POV

Since we are under the same roof, I don’t see the need of returning you call knowing fully well you will come down for breakfast. ”

He said chewing loudly while I shake my head.

“So what’s the occasion?” He asked making me choke on the rice I was about chewing on.

“Oh, you know the contract I always talk about every morning lately. ”

I paused to drink water before taking another spoon again while thinking of what am going to say next cause I don’t really know how to lie to someone like him.

“Yes, you told me yesterday night when I came to drag you to club from work. “He narrated making me wonder if he is a guy or a lady.

Sometimes, I do wonder why God made me meet someone like him because he talks too much for him to be a guy.

If not for the fact that we have been together for a long time, I would have asked my men to check if he has something dangling in-between him.

Or he only make up to be a guy. Maybe God knows I don’t really talk that’s why he made us meet each other.

“I got the contract.” I said Shortly so that he wouldn’t question me anymore but that just me and my thoughts, he is still going to ask more.

“How? Because I didn’t see anyone entering through that door. Or did you see anyone enter through that door? ”

He asked a maid who came to refill our juice who shake her head negativity in response.

“Now you see, she didn’t see anyone come in also.” He said looking up to me like I have some thing up my sleeve which I know I do.

“How come you know there’s no one who come in through the door? Wait… Don’t tell me you slept here, I mean my house with a whore? ”

I asked already getting annoyed if he should agree that he brought her into my house because I have a rule in my house.

Which is no bringing of whore into this house and it’s applicable to me also,I don’t bring any of my f**k mate to my house.

Why? Because they would want to poke their nose into everything in this house and even act like they are wives.

Sometimes,they might even start ordering my staff around like they are the queen of my house or the boss lady in my house.

And I also respect my bed,car, and house so much that something as dirty as them would never stain it.

Yes,I can never use my car to carry a b***h to where am going to f**k her. She would always find her way there and also find her way out.

“Nope, I didn’t.” He said making me calm.

“That was a lie, she left thirty minutes before you arrive.” David said making me stand on my feet with immediate effect…


It’s like David wants to die by hanging