In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 31


Kylian’s POV

“Nope, I didn’t.” He said making me calm.

“That was a lie, she left thirty minutes before you arrive.” David said making me stand on my feet with immediate effect.

I was so angry that I actually forgot the table am about to hit is a table made of glass untill I heard it crumble beneath my fist.

“What the f**k Kylie, I was only joking!” David yelled getting on his own feet as he stare at the mess his word made me do

“You know my rules David and I don’t play with them!” I yelled angrily making him raise his hand up in the air saying he surrender.

I didn’t bother finishing my breakfast neither did I reply him, I storm off into my room annoyed that he was the one who ruined my celebration.

Slamming the door lock behind me, I brought out a stick of cigarette then light it.

Smoking in and out my cigarettes, my eyes ran across the envelope that lay on my bed.

What could be there? I thought moving forward and I picked it.

Ripping off the cover, I saw a beautiful pink paper warp neatly.

I decided to unfold it neatly even though my mind is telling me to rip it off.

Sweetheart, you might have been a grown up man with a wife and children right now that you are reading this. Please don’t forget your promise to revenge my death and my family death. I didn’t want to let go of your hand but I have no choice to do it since you and your family would be alive and free from him.

He told me the day I went to visit him that I want to abort his child that if I can put to bed and he would let you live.

But if I can’t, he would take me in as a wife and bare his children for him.

I couldn’t have his child neither could I be his wife knowing fully well that it would forever hurt you to see someone you love with an enemy.

Same here also, it would hurt me and my dead parent to be with their killer.

I had to do something that would break every bound that hold us together, I aborted the child without letting him know.

Although, he later heard which made him more angry that he had people come after me.

Today, am going to post this but with a certain date and year they could send it to you. Also, am coming out of my hiding even though I would be killed.

I have to make this sacrifice just to let you and your family live a good life.

I have to make amends because am the reason you don’t have peace of mind.

Good bye my chocolate candy, yours strawberry… Reading these, my knees instantly weaken making me hold the foot of the bed for support…


What a small wicked world