In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 29


Kylian’s POV

My thought were scattered by the knock on my door.

“Come in.” I said still looking at my phone as I drafted the plan.

“Sir you have a letter through the post office. “She said making me look up only to see her holding out a white paper envelope in her hand.

What could be in there? I thought staring at it before telling her to come closer by using my hand as a sign language for her.

“Keep it here ,beside me. ” I added so that she can understand what I meant.

Placing the envelope on the bed,I spank her butt making her a little bit shock but she couldn’t respond due to the fear in her.

“You can go.” I replied pointing to the door.

“Okay sir.” She said bowing before turning around. Reaching the door, she opened it and step out before closing it behind her.

I have to go to the special meal I asked them to prepare before looking into anything today because who knows my mood would be spoilt once I open it.

And that won’t enable me to celebrate this achievement I just got.

And this one is really important, all other things can wait while I enjoy my meal .

Picking my phone, I dial David number twice that he didn’t pick up. Trying the third time,it was the same thing so I decides to text him instead.

Saying once he wakes, he should meet me in my house for my new achievement before going to work.

Getting on my knees, I did a quick prayer for my creator then walked into the bathroom still naked cause I don’t wear anything when am about to sleep.

Although, I might put some extra clothes besides me but I don’t wear one when am about to sleep.

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Running a quick bath, I entered it and wash off my morning dirt away before cleaning up.

Taking few steps out, I walk into the closet where I wore a washed blue jeans and a sweat top.

Using both my earrings, wristwatch and necklace, I started styling my hair while I stare at myself in the mirror.

Taking my time to appreciate my body and complexion most especially my hair which fall to the side after styling it.

Checking myself once more, I took my phone and make my way downstairs to the dinning room where I met David eating like he is a glutton.

Of course he is, he knows nothing aside food.

“You could have return my calls when you know you are alive.”I said taking my seat at the head of the table while he stays few chair away from mine.

“Since we are under the same roof, I don’t see the need of returning your call knowing fully well you will come down for breakfast. ”

He said chewing loudly while I shake my head.

“So what’s the occasion?” He asked…