In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 28


Kylian’s POV

Knowing fully well he likes to dare people and show how connected he is, I would let him take a step forward before bouncing on him.

How? that’s the question and the answer am about to give out.

While he is busy daring me, I would be in the law court pulling everything I can pull for him to be fine and labeled guilty for all he has done.

Before he realizes he has been charged to court, he would have spent all his money on paying assassin agent to kill me.

Same as his most trusted men and secret agent who I would have paid triple of what he is going to pay them.

Though, they are all going to come from the money I lout from all his company purse.

While I use my own money to invest in more business that would bring more money.

Back to my plan. After charging him to court, he won’t have any money to bribe the judge and those who he bribe the first time he was charged to court by my family.

Seeing he has nothing else, he would accept the fact that he is guilty and would be placed behind the bars for some weeks before he die by hanging.

What a sweet plan but it would have been nice if I could make him suffer before he would finally die.

Like making him my slave for some months before locking him up in under ground room.

where he would see how everything he built with both his sweat, clean and bloody money crash down into dust and would be blown away like it has no usefulness.

Then,I will start by cutting his skin into smaller pieces, his fingers first before going for his leg which I will make as grilled meat for him and he would eat it.

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Then to his laps,I can now go to his shoulder before his arms.

Using drilling machine which would drill bit by bit for a month till he finally reached his heart.

That’s,I will only let him get drilled five minutes per day before it finally reached his heart. The last thing that would happen to his body is my dog eating it up cause I don’t need him.

Aside his head which would sit in my room like an achievement. Isn’t it? killing my family enemy is an achievement.

But that’s all in my mind because I can’t have a monster live right under my nose, I would end up killing him at first sight cause I have no patience.

Not one bit of patience lives in me once I already have him right in my fingers, I will have no going back in putting an end to his life once by using gun.

My thought were scattered by the knock on my door.

“Come in.” I said still looking at my phone as I drafted the plan.

“Sir you have a letter through the post office. “She said making me look up only to see her holding out a white paper in her hand.

What could be in there? I thought staring at it… TBC

What could be in the paper? Don’t tell me he already find out