In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 27


Kylian’s POV

Waking up the next day, I rolled to the other side of my bed before opening my eyes to check what planet I am on.

Well, it doesn’t freck me if I wake up and find out one of my legs is gone or even meet myself in a casket cause I know he would surely come after me.

If not now because he isn’t in the country, he will come hepulled.

But he won’t know the type of trap that await him here in my place.

I can’t wait to see his face when he sees his sweet daughter sexual and emotional damaged. Especially when he gets to know am behind it.

When he realizes the son of who I am, he would try to employ people to come after me.

But before then, I would have made his most trusted men mine. I will make sure the things he cherish most become mine.

All those things he built would be used against him while I bring him down with the evidence I have in my hand.

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Well, after the little celebration that would take place in my house very soon, I would go back to where we live before then dig out every single details I need.

From one police station to the other, from one radio station to another, and going back to 2011 which is 10 years ago.

I want every information in my house and I would reopen that case through employing some police men to do the job for me.

As well as some reporters, I need them to do justice to this case and paint this man what he really is.

A beast and a murderer who has no human feelings when money is included.

Although, I will pay those reports and police men huge amount of money which he can never afford.

How will I do that? Firstly, I will make a business deal with him using my fake identity once he comes back.

One he would even think of saying no to. Once he signed it, I have successfully diverted his attention to something else.

Unknown to him that I only want to use that to buy his time till I get all the evidence I needed to bring him down.

Once I get the evidence, I will give another company the contract although, that would be when I have make sure he has invested almost all his money in it.

Leaving him with one third of the money he has before.

Once he come and challenge me, I will reveal myself and tell him it’s either he give up everything he has and signed it in my name or I reveal what he did 10 years ago.

Knowing fully well he likes to dare people and show how connected he is, I would let him take a step forward before bouncing on him.