In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 26


Kylian’s POV

Am very sure if he sees the card, he would know am coming for him and there’s no going back. I thought before walking out of the club but David held me back.

“Where are you going to?” He asked holding me.

“Home of course,” I replied making him unhook my hand in his.

“I just got someone who I want to have a nice time with, just wait for an hour more. “He said stopping me from moving.

“Am not saying you shouldn’t have a nice time, I enjoyed this night and thank you for bringing me here tonight. But I have to go home now, I have things I should have done since but couldn’t since you brought me here. If you are worried about coming home, I will send my driver to bring the car back and he would wait for you. “I said.

” Okay, but this night is really nice with the way you are smiling. “He shouted after making me wave him off.

Only if he knows what he made me do today is my dream come true, he would have demanded for something more.

Walking out of the bar, I settled the bouncer at the entrance then I walk into the garage and pulled out of the parking space before driving off.

Driving into the house, I gave the key to my driver same as the address and what he is meant to do when he get there then I walk into my house.

“Get me the head chef.” I said to the lady who was supposed to reamove my jacket.

” You should do her job with yours now.” I said to the lady who bent low to remove my shoes.

Taking off my shoes, she took of my jacket. Then the next in line came in, she remove both the shirt and the trouser I was wearing.

Leaving me in my brief and singlet. Then the next lady step out removing both the brief and singlet then they all walk away.

“You sent for me sir.” I heard the head chef said making me turn around to look at the old woman.

” Tell them to make something delicious for everyone leaving under my roof tomorrow morning before 10am,they should be done with the cooking. “I said.

” Okay sir. “She replied and I walk away leaving all of them to admire my round and firm butt.

Feeling their lustful glance, I couldn’t help but smirk as I take the lady step then I turn around.

“What are you looking at?” I asked making them run into different direction while some even tripped.

They should have gotten use to it, that’s how I do my thing in my house but they all act like it’s a new thing to do every blessed day.

Especially this night which is really an amazing day.

With that, I entered my bathtube then relax and wash off every dirty from the lady before going to bed…