In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 25


Kylian’s POV

Getting home that same day, the first thing I did was to take a good shower while singing again.

I said again because the minutes I exited the room I left her,I started singing While doing the dance step David taught me when we were little.

I don’t usually get to sing not to talk of dance which got David thinking I smocked something from where I was coming from.

I lied to him that it was the best sex I ever had before in my life the lady in there gave me.

Although,the little part of it was the truth because that was the best sex I ever had in many years now.

Do you know that feeling of f****ng your enemy daughter?yes, that’s the feeling I was having.

I was able to pull the string that I have been looking for in years.

The same string he pulled on my fiance who was meant to marry me since when I was little.

Just before we went bankrupt, he took away my love and raped her till she nearly died.

That same issue created tumor in her that it’s only him she is seeing anywhere she goes to, he is her nightmare.

She has no choice but to kill herself because she couldn’t cope with the pain and turmo.

We couldn’t fight against him and because we have nothing left to use.

Because we have already sold the last thing we have just to see him jail but still, every cases we pull, he wins them.

Till today, he made sure he berries the case along side her family name cause they were murdered in cold blood.

He kept everything hidden from the public and also planned my family death.

While others thought it was an accident, I am the only one who survived it and knows it’s not.

Yes, I survived it but he didn’t know till today that one of them survived.

I go by the name Harry Jacob then but now, the name is gone and cleared from the surface of the earth.

Mind him, he can only clear the name but can’t berry the Jacob in me, the same Jacob running through my blood.

Am going to make sure I ruin him and ruin his family along side anyone who go by that name.

They are innocent, I know. I was also innocent same as my fiance when he made us that miserable.

I have been stalking him for so long, I got so much information from different sources then put it together before striking.

Knowing fully well that if he is around, she can’t get out of that doors.

That is, if he is around she would be behind the door with one of his bodyguards

Am very sure if he sees the card, he would know am coming for him and there’s no going back… TBC

War is coming!!!