In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 24


Alicia’s POV

She is afraid of looking up to me cause have been a ruthless person towards her.

An ungrateful b***h most especially in the name of being the boss in the house

Always screaming when she does something either right or wrong, have never allowed her to say a sentence before hitting her.

“Hope, am sorry for anything and everything I have done to you. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I know have wrong you in every way, please forgive and forget all my sins. “I begged holding my hand in a pleading manner.

Although, she quickly went on her knees even though she was carrying a tray In her hand.

“It’s nothing ma’am.” He said taking a quick shy glance of me.

It was like she even didn’t look up at all but I was able to notice because I was starting right at her.

“You are beautiful ma’am.” She commented making me blush.

b***h this not the first time you are hearing this from a lady, don’t turn yourself into a blushing mess just because she complimented you.

When it’s not that you are a lesbian. My inner mind said but I didn’t even give her a listening ear.

Why? Because she is the cause of what’s happening to me right now.

She obviously pushed me into an already dug pit then walk away as if it didn’t even cross her mind to do so.

She can’t feel the pain I am feeling which means who ever follow the suggestion would be the one to bare either the pain or the other one.

“You can get up already.” I said ordering her to get up with my hands.

” Thank you ma’am.” She said getting on her feet. She took few steps towards my table then placed my breakfast there.

“What do I have for breakfast today?” I asked trying to take a peek at what she brought in.

” I was ordered by your friend to make you a vegetable dish alongside soup and some meat also with an orange juice. “She said turning around to face me.

” Thanks alot, I really appreciate it. “I said and she bow again.

” I will leave you to enjoy your meal ma’am.” She said.

“Okay.” I said carrying my laptop and slipping the card in without even her noticing.I make my way to the couch in my room.

Sitting, I started eating the vegetables while I watch her leave the room.

Once she closed my door, I quickly rush to the door inorder to check if she is truly gone.

Confirming that, I lock the door behind then placed all the food on the floor along side with my laptop.

Taking my seat on the floor also, I on the laptop then type in my password.

Seeing it unlocked, I scanned the card first before searching through Google then I came across it…


What did she come across?