In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 14


Alicia’s POV

He tease me with his lips moving pass my already harden nipples while making me get furious even though his finger work magic right in-between my legs.

She felt those first stirring of lust. He grabbed her thighs and he pushed her legs further apart.

His tone body leaning against hers as his finger now touched her on purpose. Bringing his index finger towards her clit, he began to pleasure her.

While his intense gaze never lowered from her face. She couldn’t bear to look at him when his finger was massaging her clitoris.

Fairy quickly, she felt the build up right inside her which seems too fast for her. It hit her like a wave.

At first, it was just a sensation and it went through her entire body with a sheer power.

Uncontained sound of pleasure left her lips and form trembling breath beneath him.

Kylie finger slowed, still circling her clitoris until it became unbearable.

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“Stop,” she whined moving her hips to escape the little pleasure which seems like punishment to her. Only to be held down by his firm grip of hand.

He didn’t stop until she began to beg, only then did he begin to move his fingers from her clitoris down her slit until they reached her entrance.

Her body jolt when his first finger move out of her walls then they began to move fort and back.

“You aren’t tight.” He grunted leaning to kiss her neck.

Hearing this from him, it made her feel so bad for not being what he wanted.

She was really ashamed of herself that she tried to close her legs but his hand didn’t allow her to do so.

“Don’t be.” He whispered in her ear bitting her earlobe in the process.

His finger buried itself inside her knuckles deep, then retreated and suddenly, another finger was joining the first one .

“No don’t,” she said shoving him in the chest as the once pleasure turned out to be discomfort for her.

Her smaller hand pushed his chest with every strength he has in her but it doesn’t even made an impact on him.

Seeing this was working, she started punching him right in the chest which seems to make an impact on him after so much.

“Don’t,” he shot back pushing her hand away from his chest While he reamove his hand.

“Did you think you can escape this? You are mine and mine alone.” He said into her ear while he forcefully pushed in four of his finger at once into her.

“You know you can’t run away from this.” He said again shoving it deeply into her the more.

This act alone makes her beg to go back in time and change the choice she made of coming here and for making a move on him.

Had she known this is where she would later end up, she would have drank her self at home and loose it instead of coming here…