In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 13



Kylian’s POV

With the way she is working her fingers, one could tell she wants me to beg for more. Which I am craving for right now.

“Are you trying to play hard to get?” She asked before bitting my chest.

In a way that sent waves of pleasure right through my body making me hold her really tight.

I didn’t even wait there on the dance floor, I carried her right unto my shoulder letting her butt out in the air but who cares?

She already turn me on so she would and must finish what she started this night.

“Are you that really in an hurry?” she asked bitting the nape of my neck.

With speed, I ran into the VIP section tossing her on the bed.

“You are gorgeous,” I rasped unzipping my fly and pulling off my black trouser alongside my boxer.

Alicia’s POV

“You are gorgeous,” he rasped unzipping his fly and pulling off his black trouser alongside his boxer.

His spare was fully erect, it’s a mushroom shape head glistening with precum.

It was said that first time hurt although this not my first time but seeing his spear, I could help but fear that this isn’t going to be the normal size I do accommodate.

Both physically and internally, I was already shaking with fear which he noticed and mouthed a quick encouragement.

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Taking his lips back to my neck and breast, he started tailing wet kisses from my neck down to the middle of my breast.

Thinking he was going to suck on the two oranges that stood with excitement, I was disappointed cause he kept moving till he got to my clit.

“Calm down, it’s going to hurt more if you tense up.” Hearing him say this on my clit, it vibrates and got extremely wet even before he touch me.

“So wet foe.” He said again making it vibrates while tracing his finger from my thigh down to my clit where he latch unto like a hungry animal.

With his pray under him. My back arched up due to the amount of sensation running through me.

The way he dose it was more like he was demanding for it which is really new to me because I have never experience something like this before.

A breathy moan of pleasure tumbled past my mouth even if I tried to keep it to myself like I have always dose, it’s felt useless right now as his finger trace past the slightly moist folds of mine.

My legs were put apart by his broad body even though I have tried to close them due to the pleasure am feeling but couldn’t because of his powerful built body stopping it.

He tease me with his lips moving pass my already harden nipples while making me get furious even though his finger work magic right in-between my legs…