In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 15


Alicia’s POV

Had she known this where she would later end up, she would have drank her self at home and loose it instead of coming here.

She gasp due to another fierce thrust from him. He kept thrusting into her without a single sign of mercy in him.

She tried so hard to shove him off and release herself which angered him the more.

“It’s either you let me prepare you or I shove it down inside you and f**k you till you bleed. ” He said.

Her eyes widened in shock as she realizes what she has gotten herself into. Her Shakey hands drop down from his as tears wail up in her eyes.

Is it that he didn’t know am tearing up or it’s because of the lights off? She thought to herself trying to get a solid answer but she found none.

Remember you are a b***h but haven’t seen someone to treat you like one so here it is, you are just being treated like who you are.

My inner mind said adding more sadness to the one I created myself.

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“Good girl.” He murmured into her when she stop resisting his fingers.

His fingers in her started to move gently little by little in her. Pressing into her sensitive part. His lips once again was kissing her neck.

He shifted his finger retreating them from inside her.

One of his arm came up beside her head while the other took hold of his shaft.

She gasped when she felt the tip of his member pressed against her entrance, her thigh pressed against her hip as her hand started shaking.

He leaned over her with his gray meeting her baby blue orbs.

“Mine.” He whispered with a Swift thrust, he entered her.

Alicia screamed as the next five minutes of hell began. It burned unbearable that she clawed at his muscular back.

She even bit his back to ease the pain as he pounded into her with no mercy.

His groaned of pleasure sounded in her ear, he is like a hungry wolf feeding on his prey.

She clung unto his wide shoulders, all sense of time lost.

Slowly, the pain melt away, it began to mix with pleasure and he increased his speed.

His groans turned into a lustful growls and her whines turned to a silent moan.

He lifted his head from the crock of her neck, placing lingering kiss on her lips as he push in deeply.

Her eyes rolled back as the building up sensation returned. Her inside clenched around his pulsating shaft.

Few more thrusts later, she pushed over the edge. Powerful sensation spread from her lower region throughout her entire body. Making her soul quiver.

Her lips parted but there was no sound Making it way out.

Her body arched against his, every muscle tensed before she collapse back into the sheet. But he wasn’t near to done…


It’s like Kyle wants to kill Alicia