In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 1


Alicia’s POV

It was a cold crazy morning and I had stupidly forgotten my jacket at the house again. Now, I was running late for classes while waiting in the cafeteria for Elena to bring my jacket for me.

I was there, sitting alone.

I’ve almost finished the cup of hot coffee I ordered and Elena was yet to return. It was 7:55 AM and the walk to the lecture room was five minutes from the cafeteria.

If Elena doesn’t arrive at this time, there’s no way I would make it to the class by 8 AM.

Oh! Pardon my manners, please. I haven’t introduced myself.

My name is Alicia Armstrong and I’m 22 years old. I’m a final year student of Steven’s High College. Actually, I am the most beautiful girl at Steven’s High.

Yes, I know I’m beautiful. And I’m sure there’s no other one as beautiful as I am. I took after my mother, Mrs Grace Armstrong. She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

Many people say I’m arrogant. They say my beauty and father’s wealth have gotten to my head. But that’s their cup of coffee because it doesn’t move me.

Many of them are actually jealous of me because I get what I want at any time I want it.

But don’t I deserve to get what I want? Remember I’m the most beautiful girl and also the daughter of the wealthy Alex Armstrong.

Gosh! It’s already two minutes past eight and Elena is just arriving.

Damn! She’s even walking so majestically, instead of hurrying down here. Does she not know I will be late for classes?

I got up angrily and picked my backpack, heading to meet her at the door.

“Why the f*** are you coming so late, Elena?” I slammed at her as she handed me the jacket.

“I’m sorry,” she said, flashing me an annoying smile.

Gosh! I hate her when she smiles. Doesn’t she know how horrible she looks?

“Why did it take you so long?” I asked and we both hurried out of the place after I put on the jacket.

“I had problems moving out of the car park,” she complained but it got me pissed off.

“Where are the keys?” I shot a furious gaze at her

I snatched the keys from her immediately she took them out. I began to walk in direction of the lecture room without looking back at Elena.

“I also got distracted by Dave, he was at your house to see you,” Elena’s voice made me freeze.

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Did she just say Dave?

Gosh! That guy is so annoying.

People call Dave my ex-boyfriend. But to me, he just my previous sex toy.

I never loved him but agreed to date him because I needed someone to give me enough sex. But now I was tired of his tiny little d*** and I feel like I want something more.

“What does Dave want?” I turned to Elena and asked.

“He asked me to help him plead with you,” Elena said. “He wants you to forgive him for any way he offended you. I think he really loves you.”

I scoffed.

“And you stayed to listen to him?” I stared at her disgusted. “Next time you see him, tell him I’m tired of his silly ass. He needs to stop following me around.”

I turned and walked on to the lecture room. Elena also walked towards her lecture room for we were studying different courses.

If you are wondering who Elena is, don’t bother. You’ll get to meet her soon. Now, I’m already ten minutes late for lectures and I’ve got to hurry up.

I finally got to the lecture room and the professor was already in class as I expected. I knew he was going to make some comments.

But who cares? I don’t just like to get to classes late, not because of anyone’s comment. Besides, they all make comments about me every time, so it makes no difference.

“Miss Armstrong, you’re late again,” Professor Mark said as I walked into the lecture room.

I stopped and shot a cold look at him. “Good morning, Professor. It’s my first time coming to your class late.”

“Really,” he asked with a crooked smile. “It’s my first time coming to your class late,” he mimicked me in a childish tone that got the whole class roaring in laughter.

He just got me angrier that morning.

“I will pardon you for today since it’s your first time.”

I didn’t wait for him to finish talking before I walked to a seat. I could hear people mumbling and giggling at me as I walked.

It didn’t matter to me, they were all cowards. None of them dared look me directly in the face and laugh at me.

The Professor was yet to continue the lecture when someone else appeared at the door.

“Good morning, Professor,” he said in a calm and gentle voice that attracted the attention of the class.

Gosh! He looked like an Angel. I had never seen someone so handsome like he was.

“Good morning, who are you?” the professor asked.

“I’m Kylian, a new student. I was just transferred here,” he stepped forward and handed the professor his transfer letter.

“Oh!” the Professor exclaimed as he scanned through the letter. “You were transferred in the final year? That’s strange.”

The handsome guy did not say anything but just smiled as he took back the letter. I must confess, his smile was killing.

“You can go to your seat,” the Professor said and he smiled again.

I could notice all the girls and even guys looking at the newcomer as he walked to an empty seat.

And that was when I woke back to reality.

Gosh! How can I be admiring a guy’s handsomeness?

I made up my mind years ago that I would never admire or fall in love with a guy. To me, they were all nothing but tools to get pleasure.

F*** the newcomer! I cursed under my breath.