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In Love With Mr Mysterious Prolouge

Written by Author Tee


She’s crazy, arrogant, and proud! But she’s extremely beautiful. She’s also one of the most intelligent girls in school. Her name is Alicia.

Every guy wants her for himself but she’s got high taste and doesn’t want to settle for just any guy.

Many of the girls hate her because of the effect she has of their boyfriends. But there’s nothing they could do to hurt or fight her. She’s from one of the richest families in town and always gets what she wants.

But there’s just one guy who is not impressed by her beauty or wealth, his name is Kylian. He was just newly transferred to the school.

He’s intelligent, tall, handsome, and hot. He’s the perfect Mr Charming that any girl would want.

But he’s the total opposite of Alicia. He’s quiet and rarely talks to anyone. He had no close friends or family that anyone knew.

This mysterious sexy guy soon became the talk of the school, taking all attention away from Alicia.

Alicia becomes angry and jealous. She totally hates Kylian and goes all out to hurt him.

But Kylian is more than just a quiet and shy boy. He’s dangerous and has got a mission.

And she’s about to discover something that’ll change her life forever

ELANA “Get up, it’s time to get you dressed up.”…
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