In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 2


Alicia’s POV

Oh yeah! Argh!

I screamed and moaned in ecstasy with my hands grabbing the bed sheets. My knees were raised halfway and my legs widely spread as Rodrigo’s tongue worked on me.

Damn! Rodrigo was so good!

It was his first time of giving me mouth action and I was already feeling like I’m in heaven.

He had his hands on my boobs and he squeezed them slowly as he continued the tongue work.

My whole body squirmed as I was close to climax but he continued to use his tongue deeper. I felt like I was going to pass out from extreme pleasure.

I was still screaming so loud when I noticed Rodrigo had stopped.

I reached for his head and tried to drag his mouth back but he resisted. Then, I noticed he was looking sideways and I also turned to look.

Gosh! Mrs Grace Armstrong, my Mum was standing at the door.

F**k! I cursed under my breath.

“I’ll be waiting in the living room,” she said before turning out of the room and closing the door behind.

Damn it! I should have changed the locks to my apartment and room a long time ago. Even though I loved my mum, she was yet to learn to respect my privacy.

I mean how could she just barge into my apartment and my room without knocking or saying a word.

I wasn’t so much bothered about how she had caught us. It wasn’t my business.

I guess she and My Father had spoilt me so much that I was never afraid of them. I didn’t hide my b***hy attitude from them in no way.

The only thing I was afraid of was not getting money to continue enjoying life. That is the only thing that makes me keep respecting my parents. Because I still enjoy their money.

“What are you waiting for?” I snapped at Rodrigo who had dressed up quickly and was still waiting in the room. He seemed too shy and didn’t want to face my Mom while walking out of the house.

“Just go,” I snapped at him. “You have to leave now.”

He sighed and picked up his bag. I could see the reluctance on his face as he hurried out of the room into the living room.

I dressed up quickly and joined my mother who was waiting in the living room.

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“Good morning, Mom,” I greeted and she stared at me with a furious gaze.

“What is wrong with you, Alicia? It’s morning and you are supposed to be in school. But you are here, moaning in the bed with a guy.”

“Mom, my first lecture is by 10 AM today. That’s why I’m still at home.”

She checked the wall clock and saw that it was still 8 AM.

“But isn’t it too early to be moaning like a cheap slut?”

I didn’t say anything.

“And who is that guy?” She asked.

“He is my boyfriend.”

Her lips fell widely apart in surprise. “That wasn’t the guy I saw with you the last time.”

“I broke up with Dave, Mom.”

She scoffed. “I’m sure going to tell your Father about this.”

“You don’t need to, Mom,” I said but I wasn’t pleading because I was afraid of my Father. I just didn’t want him to call me for another meeting at home.

“Then, you will have to move to the school hostel.” She threatened.

“No, Mom. You know I can’t move there.”

“You will,” she threatened. “When you’re there, you won’t have the freedom to do the things you do in this apartment and you would be more focused in school.”

“Haven’t I been focused enough?” I snapped at her. “I’m still the best in my class, remember? Is that not what you and Dad wants?”

That was me. Even though I was spoilt, arrogant, and b***hy, I was still intelligent.

“Yes, we want you to lead in class and that’s what you’re doing. But remember this is the final year, and you have to be much more serious. If you don’t come out as the best this year, we will lose everything.”

“I understand, Mom. I won’t let you down. I’ll come out as the best as usual.”

“But why can’t you just stick to a boyfriend and stop moving from one to another?” she questioned furiously.

“Mom, I get tired of boys easily,” I complained. “But I’m not tired of school. I will come out the best as usual.”

My Mum was about to say something again when her alarm rang.

“Gosh! I gotta go now, honey,” she said as she got up hurriedly. She kissed my cheeks quickly and walked out of the apartment.

I sighed and turned back towards my room to clean up for school. My mom had just ruined my day by denying me the opportunity of climaxing properly.

Oh! Stop thinking about me like a cheap slut.

I wasn’t always like this. My first boyfriend took my virginity when I was eighteen. He was nineteen.

He promised to love me forever and we continued to have sex almost every day. We watched a lot of pornographic movies together and I soon became addicted to sex.

But he broke my heart a year after. He was a handsome jerk, always flirting and f***ing anything in skirts. I got to discover I wasn’t even his main girlfriend. He was just having fun with me and killing his sex urge with me.

Since then I have promised never to love any guy again. They are all heartbreakers and just wanted to f*** and have fun. So, that’s why I do now. I keep a handsome boyfriend just to have fun and let him go immediately I get tired of him or see a more handsome dude.

To be continued