“I’m Obinim” Season 3 – Episode 3



Just when I thought everything was calm with Efua having a good sleep, there again, Jojo showed up at Efua’s house. He was alone this time around.

What the hell was he doing here again? The more I try to get away from this guy, he finds a way of showing up.

“Hmm you’ve really gotten comfortable around here, that’s very interesting,” he said. That was the moment Efua realized that our privacy had been invaded. She got up quickly and I could tell she wasn’t expecting Jojo to be here.

“What the hell are you doing here” Efua asked him.

“Well, I am not saying anything until this moron leaves here,” he said.

Did he just call me moron? Well I have nothing to do though, he will surely beat the hell out of me if I decide to punch him in the face, I won’t even think about that. I was no match for him physically. He was way taller and tougher than me. The least I could do was to fight with my mouth and hope that Efua would stop me. At least it will show that am a man enough.

“Hey you better watch your mouth, I won’t take your nonsense” I said.

“I will pretend I didn’t hear that, Efua, are you getting this guy out before I talk or not” He asked.

Now the decision was in Efua’s hands. Well I knew she will definitely choose me over him. As far as her health condition is concern, I can’t trust Jojo with her. She will definitely not be safe. This made me wonder what was going on between them. It was just a mystery to me. How did Jojo even take advantage of Efua.

“Obi, can you excuse us for a second” She said. That came out as a surprise though. Like I said earlier, I was not really expecting that from her. I can’t leave her in the company of Jojo knowing how vulnerable she is. Everything about it was not safe.

“Efua, you know I can’t do that, I can’t risk it” I said.

“Hahaha, Obinim the caring one, hahaha” Jojo mocked me.

I prayed for the strength of Samson that day, his teasing and mocking attitude got me really furious. But what can I do? Nothing.

“Will you just shut up Jojo” Efua shouted at him.

I was relieved when she did that. It feels good for your girlfriend to totally stand up for you. I couldn’t explain that feeling, it was magical. But It does not change the fact that her request still remained the same. I would have to excuse them. I had no option; I just went out to the balcony. I wanted to eavesdrop on their conversation and from the balcony I could do that without them seeing me. Well, in a way it will help me keep an eye on Efua if anything should go wrong.

I quietly listened to them as they engage in what appears to be an aggressive conversation.

“How do I help you” Efua asked.

“I think that’s a wrong question for you to ask me, since it’s your life that is at stake here” Jojo said.

“I don’t need you to remind me of my condition. What are you doing here Jojo” She asked again.

“Well, let me go straight to the point. I have been able to pay the loan off, thanks to my in law, so this entire house you used as a collateral is now back in your hands” He said.

“Did I say, in your hands? I’m wrong, its in my hands now” He continued.

“Well, that’s fine, give me my house documents then,” Efua asked.

“Hahaha not so fast dear one, I payed the loan off, so I get to keep the document, until you are able to pay me, within the next 24hrs, I will sell this entire house” He said.

“What? Jojo you can’t be serious, you must be out of your mind. I took the loan for you to help you start up your business. I used my own house as a collateral and this is how you repay me?” She said.

“You should have thought of that when you began seeing that guy” he said.

What the hell is going on? Am I hearing everything right or it’s just my ears? Apparently, Efua somehow helped Jojo to secure a bank loan using her own house as collateral.

I don’t really know the agreement between them, but Jojo is way too wicked to pay back Efua this way. I just can’t believe it.
To be continued.