Elom arrived at the police station with the policeman.

“ohh, so this is the guy we’ve been looking for all this while, where did you find him?”

“ I am not who you think I am, this is a ……….”.

Before he could say more the arresting officer leaned close to him and whispered into his ear.

“Another word and your wanted twin brother is a dead man”. Elom looked at the man with disdain.

He was a changed man, he wasn’t the same man he had been.

All the anger and hatred he felt for his brother was slipping away.

He was a nicer guy now but he didn’t like it, he preferred that people feared him and hated him.

He shut his mouth as he was booked and thrown into a cell.

He needed to do this for his brother, if he said he was Elom his brother might be murdered and he wasn’t willing to take the chance.

If he said he was Kafui, he might be in jail for a long time but, he wasn’t going to get his brother killed.

He thought about his life with his brother, they had grown up loving each other deeply but as time went on, he realized Kafui was the calm one and he was the erratic one, he noticed painfully how much their parents loved Kafui more, they practically doted on him.


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Everything he wanted he got, he on the other hand had to prove himself with everything.

He always came second, in school, at home, everywhere, but he had come to see that all the pent up anger and hatred was useless because they were twin brothers.

He looked at the policeman who smiled at him but he ignored him. The stupid bastard.


Patrick lay on the floor trembling, he was too terrified to move.

He kept his eyes glued to his wife’s body afraid she’d move any moment and stab him to death.

He jumped up after about ten minutes of lying down and trembling.

He searched the whole house to see if he could find some evidence that someone had dug out his wife but he found nothing.

He picked up his phone and called Dan, his only true trusted friend from childhood.

He was the only one he trusted enough to talk to, he knew everything he had been through. Dan said he was coming over.

He rushed out and sat on the porch, he was too scared to sit in the hall.

He lay down on the floor and suddenly an image of Afia came into his mind. He thought he was dreaming for suddenly, his mind took him to where he had first seen Afia.

He remembered how they had met, he had raped her.

He jumped up in shock, he remembered all that had happened, every single detail, he couldn’t believe it, he wasn’t that kind of man, he would never even hug a woman without her consent, how could he have raped her.

He rose and entered the hall, he looked around like someone looking for something important he had lost.

He found it, a long rope, he climbed, tied it to the fan and hang himself.


Kafui sat in the hall, despite the unlimited collection of movies at his disposal, he was still bored.

He looked around but there was nothing interesting to do.

He saw one of the guys come in and stood.

“is there anything else to do apart from sit here and watch movies?” the guy looked at him and shook his head in disbelief.

“you still don’t get it do you, you can do the laundry or make yourself useful in the kitchen, there is work for you to do if you are bored, but before that,Trick…….. the boss wants to speak to you”. Kafui’s mouth dropped.


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