I’m A Hitman Episode 56


Kimberly’s pov
Jayden hung up the call and I took a deep breath.

Jayden is coming over? To my house?

I quickly got down and rushed downstairs to the kitchen.
“I need to prepare something before he comes back.” I said to myself and called the maids around. “A visitor is coming amd we need to prepare something before he comes here. Can we?” I asked the maids amd they nodded politely and set to work.

Perfect. I don’t kmkw why i’m doing this. Maybe it’s because of the love I have for him.

Shortly, I texted him the address while I set the table. The meal was easy to make in minutes.

I made sure I set the table well before I went inside amd get changed into another dress.

The door bell rang and I knew it was him.
“Alicia, go open the door.” I shouted.

His voice was audible and I could hear him say “Good day” My heart skipped.

I blushed hard. Oh! He’s here!
But what’s he here for and what are we going to talk about?

When I was done, I walked to my father’s room and saw him still sleeping.

I just wanted him to Jayden but I guess I shouldn’t disturb him right now.

“Jayden, finally you’re there.” I said as I climbed down the stairs. He was so hot in his white t-shirt and trouser.

“Yeah, nice house you live in. Amd you look beautiful too.” He looked around as he complimented.

“Thank you.”
Oh! My cheeks are hurting me now.

“You’re welcome. So, I just wanted us to talk something.” He began.

“Yeah. Let’s eat first.” I gestured him to the dinning room and draw out a chair for him to seat.

We began eating and we kept glancing at each other like we are lovers.

His cute doe eyes were to die girl. Gosh! He’s killing me.

Calm down, Kimberly. Calm down. This is getting serious.

Shortly, we were done and I packed up the plates to the kitchen before coming to meet him.

“The food was delicious.” He said.

“Thank you. So, what is it you wanna talk about?”

“Uhmm….” He paused amd moved closer to me.
“I guess I have to follow my heart. Kim, I’m in love with you.” He concluded.

“Really?” I asked surprised.

Is he playing with me?
I opened my mouth to say something but he shut me up with a kiss.