I’m A Hitman Episode 55


Jayden’s pov
I glared at Evans. Seriously? I should let the coincidence nake me fall in love with her.

And I keep asking myself this question. Do I love kimberly? Do I?

Evans continued. “Jayden, you just have to follow your heart. I know you love this girl so much even if i haven’t met her or see her before. I can see that love you have for her. Stop pushing away this affection you have for that girl.”

“Are you saying, I’m in love?” I asked.

“Dude! I can tell. You can tell. Everyone can tell. Just do what’s on you mind.”

“Okay. I get this. Let’s forget about that first. I got an information right now that there’s this garbage truck that do come to the warehouse every Thursday and that’s tomorrow. What if we disguise as those people they are expecting?”

Evans brought his head up to his jaw and looked up like he was thinking. Then, he nodded.

“That sounds great but how do we get into this truck?” He replied with a question.

“Leave that to me. I know what to do about that. All you just have to do is drive into warehouse and we pretend to take the garbages while I get a uniform to wear just look like them. You know what? Don’t worry, I will sort everything out. You just have to help me out.” I said and gave in a ‘is that okay?’ look.

“Quite a good idea. Okay, we just have to get ready for tomorrow. I gotta go meet my fiancee. And yes, how about you go meet this girl. At least you guys should sort something out.”

“Evans no. Just go.” I pushed him playfully and turned to my phone.

Love. I’m falling in love again.

Kimberly changed me. She really changed me. Okay, I think I will take Evans advice. Go to her and sort out things.

I raised up my phone and dialed her number. It appeared and I clicked the call button.

“Kimberly, let’s meet. We need to talk. Just text me the address of your house. I will be right there very soon.”