I’m A Hitman Episode 47


Kimberly’s pov

“Let’s go.” He said with the hoarse voice ever.
I’m not his type of woman.
I felt like my heart was stabbed. A big hole in my heart.

Why’s he doing this to me?

I nodded and headed towards the car and entered. Silence. Silence took over as we hit the road. Going to the airport.

Unfortunately, we didn’t say anything to each other during the drive. We both kept quiet.
I came down from the car as soon as we got to the airport. Jayden had already booked a flight yesterday.

He called someone to come take the car home while we walked to go enter the plane.

Hours later, the plane landed. I came down with Jayden. I just can’t wait to meet my father again.

I glanced at Jayden who seems to be lost in thought.

“Jayden, are you okay?” I said finally. Finally breaking the silence that took over since we left Italy.

“Yeah, I’m fine. You should call your dad now, to come pick you up.” He replied.

Seconds later, he stepped forward to me and held my chin up.

I don’t know what made me fall in love with him. Have finally realized my feelings for him. I love him. Jayden is who I have fallen in love with.

“Kim, don’t see me as a bad person.” He began and kissed me senselessly. I reciprocated and held his soft curls on his head gently.

I wish he could just take me right there but that’s rubbish. So silly and impossible.

We broke the kiss and breathed in air before breathing it out.
“I need to go.” I said and carried my bag.
I took my phone out and called my father about my arrival.

Minutes later, a car drove to where I was standing. I recognized him. Charles, my father’s driver.

I bid Jayden bye and entered the car. My eyes became blurred. They were glassed up with tears.

I couldn’t control it any longer so I let my tears pour out. I really love him. Have fallen so hard for him.

Have never wanted a man the way I wanted him.

Why him? Why Jayden of all men?