I’m A Hitman Episode 46


Kimberly’s pov

I didn’t regret it. Not even a bit. Lazily, I got down from the bed and walked to the bathroom to take my bath.

Jayden came after I had took mine. I wore my clothes back and jumped on the bed to sleep.

I felt Jayden’s big arms wrapped me closer to him. “You’re sweet.” He whispered into my ears. I smiled before I slept off.

Next day, I woke up and quickly had my bath and wore my clothes. Today, I will be leaving Jayden’s life.

It hurts though but I got no choice. The memory of yesterday rushed in, making me smile.

The best sex ever. His touch made me go gaga.

I packed my clothes into a small box and took it downstairs.

“Good morning, ma’am” I greeted Jayden’s mother.

Her eyes darted to the box in my hand and made a sad face. “I’m really going to miss you.” She replied.

“I know. I’m going to miss you too. Anyway, where’s Jayden?” I asked, looking around to see if I could see any traces of him. But no.

“He’s outside. Waiting for you.” His mother replied.

“How did he know I will be coming out soon?” I cocked my head.

“I don’t know too. You shouldn’t keep him waiting, dear.”

“Yeah, thanks. Goodbye.” I said and rushed to peck her before going out to meet Jayden.

Jayden was waiting outside. He was beside his car and operating his phone. He look so handsome today.

I wish I could see him everyday. Beside me. In his arms. Caressing my hair and telling me sweet stuffs.

But I won’t be able to see him. Today’s going to be the last day. I won’t forget him.

“Jayden.” I called to gain his attention.

He looked up and faced me. His face was straight and expressionless. What could he be thinking right now?

And what do I feel for him? Love? I’m in love with him?

I think I am. I’m in love with Jayden. Days with with him made me fall in love With him.

But he doesn’t love me back. I’m just his victim. He can’t fall in love with me. I know.

“Let’s go.” He said with the hoarse voice ever.
I’m not his type of woman.