I’m A Hitman Episode 45


Jayden’s pov
“Kimberly, are you sure of what you’re saying?” I pulled her away and stared into her eyes that were filled with passion and desire.

“Yes, I want you Jayden. Please, I won’t regret it. I promise.” She nodded.

“What you’re trying to do, won’t it be a mistake?” I asked her as I pushed away the strands of hair from her face.

“It can’t be a mistake. I need you so badly.” She said and touched my cheeks. “Let this be a goodbye present for us.” She added and kissed me so hard.

Without hesitating, I kissed her back and grabbed her waist tightly to myself. I’m doing this. I’m really doing this.

My hands slipped into her top, unhooked her bra and squeezed her bo*bs gently. She let a moan as I tweaked her nipples.

I removed her top finally while she removed mine and played my chest with her fingers.

“Jayden!” She cried when my mouth touched her brea$t and sucked like it depends on me.

While doing that, my hands got to her thighs. Then, to her pant and drew it down.

Kimberly’s pov
I bit my lips as he pushed two fingers into my wet p*ssy and f*cked me with it. I moaned, clutching his back with my fingers.

Oh! How dare he drive me crazy. I felt high. I just want him.

Minutes later, he carried me and lay me down on the bed. He removed his shorts and there came out his massive d*ck. He was so big!

He came to me and got on top of me as he kissed me again and pressed my bo*bs. My body trembled due to his touch.

Jayden trailed kisses to my belly button, kissed my thighs before settling the kiss to my lips. He balanced well in between my thighs and pushed his d*ck into honeypot.

I cried in pleasure and called his name “Jayden”

He plunged deep into me several times. Our moans filled the room. Skin slapping skin. I could feel our body connecting. What is it about him?

After some minutes later, we released and both lay beside each other, breathing so hard.

I didn’t regret and this isn’t a mistake. I really want it.