I’m A Hitman Episode 41


Jayden’s pov
I pulled her closer to me and raised her chin up.
“We are going back to Russia.”

“Huh? Russia? Why? I mean why all of a sudden? What about your mother?” She asked.

“I will tell her about it. It’s time for me to suffer the man that made me fatherless. I’m not going to take it easy on him.” I replied.

“I will stay with your mother, Jayden.” She insisted but I shook my head.

“No, you can’t stay here any longer.” I answered.
I moved closer and kissed her neck which made her gasped softly.

“Why?” She let out a breath.

“We won’t be seeing each other again. Have done the best I can do for you. Kimberly, you have to go to your father. I will help you do that.”

“What if the mafia get to know that you didn’t ki*ll me after all? Won’t that put you into trouble?” She responded.

“I can handle this. Don’t bother yourself.”

She raised her hand to my cheek and stood on her toes to kiss me. She broke the kiss seconds later.

“Why are you pushing me away? You’re doing this all of a sudden. Why?” She whispered.

“Kim, I’m not. You’re my victim. I have nothing to do with you.” Even if that didn’t come out well, at least I said that.

“I thought you said you’re attracted to me”

“Attraction is normal. Kim, I’m only trying to protect you.”

“No, you’re not. You’re trying to send me out. And I wonder why this is so sudden.” She responded, curtly.

“You don’t want to go?” I questioned.

“Yes. My father already know that I’m here. Let me just stay a little longer then I can go out of your life sooner.” Her mouth danced and I watched gingerly at her lips. So lush.

The question is, why I’m I telling her to go? Yes, I’m attracted to her. I want her to go. Go back to her father and luv her normal life.

But I will protect her. I will ki*ll every enemy who’s trying to ki*ll her. I just want us to live a separate life.

I’m sure we aren’t meant for each other. She’s just a victim to me.