I’m A Hitman Episode 42


Jayden’s pov
She’s just my victim. Could it be love? No, I don’t wanna fall in love with her. No, not at all.

But why do I wanna protect her always? I thought I promised Jessica I will protect her from any enemy in the world.

But I couldn’t. I didn’t fulfill the promise. She got killed. But here I am again, determined to protect another woman apart from Jessica.

Why’s she just so special? Jessica was special but why do I feel that she’s more special.

Could it be love? God! She makes me go crazy every time I set my eyes on her.

“kimberly,” I called.

“Jayden.” She answered and I kissed her almost immediately.

Our tongue met and we kissed so passionately. Her lips drives me crazy. Her body drives me crazy. Everything about her do.

Why her? Why Kimberly?

She let out a moan as the kiss got deeper. Her fingers raked my hair which made me go gaga.

What’s she doing to me? I heard footsteps coming. Immediately, I broke the kiss and saw my mom trying to walk down the stairs herself.

Wow! Her legs are improving. I couldn’t just wait for her to get back on her feet.

“Ma!!” Kimberly got up from the chair she was sitting on and ran to my mom while i stood up too to go meet her.

“Mom, do you feel any pain?” I asked. “Seems your legs are improving.” I added.

“Son, I just decided to try my luck. I couldn’t believe it she I noticed that I walked to this extent.” She replied and held Kimberly’s hand and mine while we supported her down the stairs.

“Thank you. She said.

“You’re welcome ma’am.”

“Do you have a boyfriend, Kimberly?” My mom suddenly asked.

I moved my gaze from Kimberly to her. “Mom, why the question?”

“I wasn’t asking you. Or are you Kimberly?” My mom rolled her eyes and faced Kim to answer her question.

“Ma’am, I don’t have a boyfriend.” Kim answered.

“Good. I just want to say something.” Mom replied.

Only God knows what my mom is up to.

“Kimberly, I want you to marry my son.”