I’m A Hitman Episode 40


Kimberly’s pov

Daughter in law? This woman won’t stop amazing me.

“Why would you call me your daughter in-law? Anyway, have you eaten?” I asked her.

“Not yet. Sarah was about to cook when I asked her to go get something for me in the mall.” She answered. “But you could cook for me. I’d love to eat your food.” She smiled.

“Oh! Okay. What would you love to eat?”

“Just give me any meal.”

I nodded and set to the kitchen. Shortly, I was through with the meal.

Jayden’s mother sat on the chair while I dished out her food. I placed it in front of her and sat beside her too.

She took a fork and began munching it. I was glad she love the food.

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Jayden came out as soon as she finished her meal. He told me to serve him which I did. Thank God I cook a large meal. I went back upstairs to brush my teeth before coming back to eat.

Only Jayden and I were alone. Every time I glance at him, the image of what happened yesterday would rush in.

His touch on my skin. The way he examined my body with his hands. His perfect lips on my b**bs. Gosh! Its driving me crazy. Really crazy.
We went to this extent?

“Are you okay?” He jolted me out of my thought. He wasn’t on his seat. Instead, he stood behind me and that made me flinch.

“I’m okay. Very fine.” He leaned in, his mouth rested on my ear, sending shivers down my spine. What’s this guy doing to me?

I shouldn’t be so attracted to him. I can’t believe I’m giving him access to touch me in a manner I would forget myself instantly.

“You seems not to be fine. Anyway, Gideon’s men are in Italy. Ready to take your body.” He announced and I stopped eating.

They are here?

“Wha….what did you tell them?”

“Told them to wait a little longer. Don’t worry, I will sort everything out. There’s something bothering me again. You seems to have many enemies. Rather, your father seems to.” Jayden uttered in a whisper.

“Another man is after you. He’s the one who killed my father and Jessica.”

Another man? Who could this person be? My uncle, Francis? He once told me he’s going to ki*ll me.

“Save me, Jayden.” I blurted.