I’m A Hitman Episode 37


Jayden’s pov

“Are you really going to ki*ll me?” I snapped my head up to see Kimberly at the door. She was on the verge of tears.

I gulped hard as I dropped my phone on the bed to go meet her. “Kimberly, listen” I began.

“I don’t have to listen to you. You already told him you will ki*ll me and I also heard him saying you should bring my dead body in the next three days. I shouldn’t be talking cause it’s your job and you’re paid for it.” She looked into my eyes and said, “ki*ll me. I won’t stop you”

Then, she turned to leave. I huffed. Seriously?
I’m in a tight corner I guess. But what’s stopping me from killing her?

Jayden, this is strange. I came back to my senses and made my way to the her room.

“Kimberly, open the door.” I said, in a husky voice.

Seconds later, the door opened and I saw Kimberly with a knife.

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“Jeez! What are you doing with a knife?” I ran to her and tried to collect it but she kept it away.

“I wanna go meet my mother up in heaven.” She smiled.

“Why are you behaving strange all of a sudden? You heard me talking to the mafia who’s asking me to ki*ll you and you’re……..”

“Cause I’m about to die soon.” She cut me off.

“And that shouldn’t be bothering you. I decide now whether to ki*ll you or not. I’m paid to take your life and I decide when to ki*ll you, how I will ki*ll you, when to let you live and or rather, how to take your body to your father.” I spoke as I moved close to her and held her hand which had the knife.

I collected the knife from her and placed on her neck before leaning close. “I decide, Kimberly. You know what? I’m not going to ki*ll you. I have a good heart. I will keep you.

All you need to do is to stay here and don’t go out until I tell you so. Gideon will request for your body and I know what he can do if he finds out I didn’t ki*ll you. Kimberly, if you love your life, do as I say. Hide yourself.” With that, I dropped the knife from her neck while she panted heavily.

“Are you trying to save me? You’re trying to keep me alive?” She blinked and a tear strolled down to her cheek.

“Yeah, sweet heart”