I’m A Hitman Episode 36


Kimberly’s pov

“I think I like you back.” I whispered and dragged him to myself. Then, I landed my lips on his.

Yeah, I really like him back. But did he really like me genuinely? His lush lips sucked mine and opened my mouth as he pushed his tongue in, kissing me perfectly.

Some minutes later, we stopped the kiss and Stared at each other. “You know, sometimes I feel like kissing your brain out.” He suddenly said.

“Huh? Are you serious?” I gasped, looking around but he was actually talking to me.

“Forget that, Kimberly.” He quickly said and looked away.

His face went pale immediately and I wondered why.

“Jayden,” I called him, expecting him to look at me, which he did.

“What’s wrong?” I added.

He shook his head and answered, “Nothing. I’m fine”

No, he’s not looking fine.

“Jayden, you can tell me what’s bothering you.” I persuaded.

“Seriously, I’m fine.” He released a smile and touched my cheeks. “Let’s go back home.”

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We got into the car and drove home. The journey was a silent one cause Jayden Was silent throughout the drive.

I kept glancing at him but he was keeping a straight face.

We finally got home and I came down from the car before walking to my room and lay on the bed.

Jayden’s pov

I walked to my mother’s room and met her sleeping on her bed. Sleeping peacefully.

I flinched when my phone rang. That was sudden.

“Yes?” It was Gideon.

“J.D, I hope you haven’t sold her to someone yet.” I could picture his smug smile.

“What if I do?” I replied.

“It will be a good thing. Kimberly is still with you right?” He asked.


“It’s time.” His voice grew cold.

I arched my brows, trying gather what’s he said.

“Time for what?” I questioned.

“ki*ll her!” He ordered and my eyes widened.

“Ki….ki*ll her? Hmm, okay. I will do that. Trust me” He stuttered.

Why do I feel so uncomfortable?

“I want her dead body in three days time.” He said lastly and cut off the phone.

“What..the…hell!” I exclaimed.

“Are you really going to ki*ll me?” I snapped my head up to see Kimberly at the door. She was on the verge of tears.